Introductory post(s)

Official Start Is November 1, 2016, and I’m Ready!

I officially start my personal 5-year challenge on November 1, 2016!

I’m ready! In preparation, I have done the following:

  1. Committed deeply to the challenge, informed loved ones, and prayed;
  2. Created this blog to document, stay on track, etc.;
  3. Begun a detox using Essence of Vitality (I feel GREAT!);
  4. Recorded my initial body measurements and weight;
  5. Developed a diet plan;
  6. Developed an exercise plan;
  7. Developed a starting hair care regimen (tweakable as prudent);
  8. Ordered pertinent spiritual books;
  9. Written up a daily activity schedule so that I know what to do, when; and
  10. Informed my accountability partners.

The “BIG REVEAL” post will be published on or around October 24, 2021, Lord willing. Gorgeous and strong body, unicorn-status hair, spiritual growth, and new career opportunity . . . get ready, ’cause here I come! 🙂 Amen!


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