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How I’m Detoxing to Jump Start the Challenge: Essence of Vitality Drink

2016oct31essenceofvitalitybottleAt the Long Hair Care forum (LHCF), I encountered an informative thread about a detox drink called Essence of Vitality. Typically to get things — *ahem* — moving, I have used an inexpensive herbal tea called Smooth Move (available at most health food stores, stores such as Target, and so forth).

Smooth Move works like a charm for me. However, after reading through the LHCF Essence of Vitality thread, I decided to give it a go. Here is a link to Amazon reviews of the drink: I ordered my bottle from The Herb Shop of Vinings.
I took 8 ounces of the drink on last Friday morning. I got the first 5 or so ounces down, and then I couldn’t proceed. The taste! Uggh! I even had a glass of tart yet sweet pink lemonade to chase it with, and that didn’t really help. It took me a good 10 minutes to return to the glass to finish those final 3 ounces pictured below. I just kept staring at the glance, shaking my head, thinking, “Nope.”

Well, eventually I got those 3 ounces down, and later my body moved things all Friday afternoon and all Saturday. And . . . I feel WONDERFUL all over! I literally feel RARING to get exercising! Yes, wow!
What an interesting effect on my body and thus mind. I’m going to continue with the drink (another 8 ounces when I have the time to be at home). Then, if necessary for maintenance, I will try taking just a tablespoon or 2 ounces or so as folks have recommended. But I hope it’s not “necessary.” I hope my natural detox drink (to be discussed in a later post) suffices. If not, I’m going to have to try REALLY HARD to remember the wonderful, energetic feeling the first doses gave me. Otherwise it might not go down again! Phew! 😉


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