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Proposed Daily Schedule

Once I wrote down a daily schedule designed to result in my succeeding at the challenge, it all seemed a TON less daunting. It seems more like a list of tiny tweaks to attend to daily versus huge giant goals that I don’t have time for in a packed schedule.

Here’s my initial stab at a daily schedule. I’ll tweak it as prudent.

4:00 AM Awaken and pray
4:15 AM Exercise (MWF = strength training + abs; TuThSa = cardio; Su = Rest)
5:00 AM Shower, do hair, get dressed
6:30 AM Drive one child to school

On the way, drink the ACV, lemon juice,  cinnamon, raw honey, and cayenne pepper drink

7:00 AM Eat breakfast (e.g., grits and cheese and shrimp; Canadian bacon and oatmeal with peanut butter and banana and pecans/almonds;waffles and eggs and salsa; healthy cold cereal and Canadian bacon; etc.)
8:00 AM Drive other child to school, listening to sermon or great spiritual music
10:00 AM Eat snack #1 (e.g., apple and low fat string cheese;  cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes; etc. )
12:00 PM Eat lunch (e.g., Abs Diet burger; tuna and guacamole sandwich; roast beef sandwich; etc.)
3:00 PM Eat snack #2 (e.g., carrots and peanut butter; grapes and healthy crackers; etc.)
5:00 PM Eat dinner (e.g., Abs Diet burger; baked sweet potato and chicken strips; salmon and broccoli with cheese; healthy/Paleo frozen dinner; turkey chili and chunky tomatoes and cheese; etc.)

Have iron pill and sugar-free apple cider (for better bodily uptake of iron) with maca root

7:00 PM Eat snack #3 (e.g., grapefruit and cottage cheese; or grapes and healthy crackers; etc.)
Make kids’ and my lunches and all snacks, pack school bags fully, set up children’s clothes, style and protect hair to prevent tangling and breakage, iron clothes
8:00 PM Shower; wash, treat, and/or prep hair for easy styling in the morning; spend time with spouse
9:30 PM Pray and go to sleep!

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