Fitness Challenge, Updates

[Report] Day 1

I lost 1.4 pounds from doing the Essence of Vitality drink detox alone. Yup! 😀

About Day 1

It was Halloween last night, and that made following the daily schedule I planned and wrote a little tricky! ASIDE: The oldest was Spiderman and the youngest (pictured below) was a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle, complete with shell! 😀


The issue: Trick-or-treaters came to the house all night. I did manage to do the night time prep here and there: I made lunches (mine and the boys), prepped snacks (mine and the youngest’s), laid out clothes, pre-made my breakfast, etc. (NOTE TO SELF: I need to pre-make my water-acv-lemon juice-honey-ginger-cinnamon-pepper daily detox drink! THAT will help in the morning!)

The visiting trick-or-treaters did end up putting me behind on prepping my hair, though. I didn’t end up getting to bed until around midnight. Eke! The schedule requires a 4 AM wake-up time in order to fit in exercising, hair styling, driving the oldest to school, etc.

Since I got to bed so late, I made an agreement with myself that if I woke up naturally around 4 AM, then I would get up and start the day’s schedule. If not, I would just allow the alarm to awaken me at 5 AM.

I woke up around 4:15 AM and realized that it was Tuesday, a cardio day. I realized pretty quickly that jump roping in the house (my go-to cardio workout) at 4:15 AM wasn’t going to fly! (Too loud!) I ended up sticking the Abs Diet exercise DVD in the DVD player. My body had a talk with me!!! I ended up doing the modified version of the cardio exercises, and very lightly at that.

I was a little surprised at how my fitness level was not high enough to allow me to do the regular routine. However, I kept a very positive mentality about it: I looked at the regular and advanced participants in the DVD as inspiration. I am so looking forward to having a body that can meet that cardio routine and just DESTROY IT. That video put me in a goal achievement mind state!

For now, lightly doing the modified version will do. One of my Soul Challenge goals is to embrace imperfect progress, peacefully. I did that today! (Woot!) I exercised without discouraging myself, hurting myself, making my spirit feel like exercise is overwhelming, etc., etc.

    Eating healthy and being fit are two very different things. I have been an unfit, healthy eater, and I am BEYOND motivated to get strong and fit. I know my body is going to feel REALLY good once it’s fit.
  2. It was a wise decision for me to start up my exercising at week 1 instead of week 3 as my exercise guidance book recommends: By exercising very lightly for weeks 1 and 2, I will get an understanding of how long it really takes to do these workouts, and I will be awakening a body that I let become unaccustomed to exercising. Good deal! 😉

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