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[Report] Day 2: Inspiration/Soul

Yesterday God infused amazing inspiration into my morning and day. I was so grateful! I could write pages and pages about it. I'll just share two of the most impactful things: 1: Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move" came on the radio. Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn, that song! Those lyrics!!! I was singing in the car by myself at… Continue reading [Report] Day 2: Inspiration/Soul

Diet, My Reviews of Food and Recipes

[Report] Day 2: Dieting/Eating

I purposely did not prep my breakfast last night: The morning before I'd prepped a bowl of oatmeal with honey, flaxseed, and pecans . . . and in the morning I just added half a banana and milk before zapping it in the microwave. (It was so satisfying and health-infusing, by the way!). But THIS… Continue reading [Report] Day 2: Dieting/Eating