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[Report] Day 2: Dieting/Eating

2016October31BreakfastOatmealPrepPic3.pngI purposely did not prep my breakfast last night: The morning before I’d prepped a bowl of oatmeal with honey, flaxseed, and pecans . . . and in the morning I just added half a banana and milk before zapping it in the microwave. (It was so satisfying and health-infusing, by the way!). But THIS morning I decided that I wanted a healthy waffle, an over-medium egg, and salsa or 100% maple syrup.

Problem is, I ran out of time! I ended up dashing out of the house with my youngest and no breakfast. 😦 Once I dropped him off at school, I searched GPS to see if I could locate a healthy fast-food breakfast from somewhere nearby. The thing about the diet I’m doing is that that TIMING of meals is very, very important (deals with the metabolism). Last time I did this program, I did it to a T and was more toned and fit and healthy than I’d been since high school. It was amazing. So, not having a breakfast with me already had me an hour OFF, eating-schedule-wise.

I ended up getting the new scramble from Jack-in-the-Box and just not eating the potatoes in it. Thus I ended up eating peppers, eggs, and bacon. The scramble contains about 500 calories WITH the potatoes. (ASIDE: I’m SO grateful and frankly awed that restaurants display calories now!)

Because I had done the Paleo / Whole 30 Diet before, I wasn’t stressed about eating bacon. 😀 Yet . . . Because I had done the Paleo / Whole 30 Diet before, I was a little freaked out about eating fast food bacon. Yeah. Lesson learned: PREP A BREAKFAST JUST IN CASE and just HAVE ONE ON DECK.

Regarding food for the rest of the day, snacks were fine. I was not able to eat 6 times, as the diet requires. I was just too full.


I can happily report that I never cheated on my diet, nor was I tempted to at all. Sugar cravings are still nowhere to be found: Mmm hmm, yup! That Essence of Vitality detox drink is the bizness!


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