Soul, Spirit

[Report] Day 2: Inspiration/Soul

Yesterday God infused amazing inspiration into my morning and day. I was so grateful!

I could write pages and pages about it. I’ll just share two of the most impactful things:


Switchfoot’s “Dare You To Move” came on the radio. Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn, that song! Those lyrics!!! I was singing in the car by myself at the TOP OF MY LUNGS and just blissing out. 🙂 God is love. Later that day I went and looked up the lyrics and read a discussion page containing people’s opinions about the lyrics’ meanings. Good stuff. The song and reflecting on the lyrics just put me in a place of HUGE appreciation for God’s intervention in helping us with this life. Yeah. 🙂

My current


At 1:00 PM a ridiculously inspiring Joel Osteen message came on Sirius radio. It was entitled, “A Nevertheless Person.” I only got to hear the last 5 minutes of it, and that 5 minutes did my soul so good. I snapped a picture so that I could remember to go back and listen to the full sermon later. I want to be a “Nevertheless” person. I’m doing what I need to do, nevertheless! Love it. Inspiring. 🙂



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