[Report] Day 2: Nighttime Prep, Exercise, and Hair

Nighttime Preparation

2016octdailydetoxdrinkacvlemonjuiceetcnightprepNighttime preparation fared much better sans the trick-or-treaters, of course. Also, hair-wise it was a “Night B.”

NOTE: For my hair care regimen, I alternate between tasks done on Night A and tasks done on Night B. On Night B’s, all I do to my hair is place a clothy Ouchless band on the end of my ponytail puff, spray my edges with Netwurks spray, and cover with a disposable processing cap and bonnet. Easy. 🙂

Other Night 2, next-day prep tasks included:

  • Making everyone’s lunches and snacks.
  • Pre-making my water-lemon juice-ACV-ginger-cinnamon-honey-cayenne pepper detox drink.
  • Laying out everyone’s clothes.


In the morning I awoke at around 4:00 AM and said my prayers. Exercise-wise it was a strength training and abs day. I opted to do The Bean DVD Total Body Workout.

It was niiiiiiiice. 🙂 I really like the DVD instructor (she’s positive but not pushy). I couldn’t do all the reps in all of the sets, and I “had” to use my 5-lb. weights instead of my 8-lb. weights. However, I did do every set. It felt great to be exercising my whole body again. The workout entails lots of stretching and weight lifting, leg lifting and crunching. If you do it full out, you definitely sweat and get some cardio, too.

Finishing that workout made me feel like I could DEFINITELY achieve my goals to have a flat stomach, weigh 125 lbs. or less, and have toned arms and legs. During the stretching cool-down phase, I was lying upside down on the Bean Exerciser, arching my back, thinking, “It is SO RIGHT for me to be getting into shape for the rest of my life. It is so RIGHT for me to not allow myself to get into my 50s out-of-shape. It is SO RIGHT for me to be becoming that toned, healthy, fit 40-something year-old who people can’t conceive is a day over ____ (32?!?? 😀 )

After exercising I showered, dressed, and awakened my oldest to get ready for school. I grabbed my detox drink, dropped my oldest off at his grandparents’ house to be driven to school, and listened to inspirational sermons and music on the drive back to the house to get my youngest off to school.


Once back at the house, I did my hair. Since it was a “Morning B” day, this was easy. I refreshed my low-hanging puff and my bangs, I sprayed my edges with Netwurks spray, and that was it!


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