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Food Review: Patty’s Pie, Krave, Paleo Frozen Dinner, Luvo Frozen Dinner, Abs Diet Guac & Tuna, and Abs Diet Oatmeal Mix

Do you remember that Pattie LaBelle sweet potato pie CRAZE that happened a while back? It was crazy, right?!?? I mean, there was some guy who made a YouTube video, singin’ about Pattie’s pies . . . and he got semi-famous and paid or something. And it was near impossible to get one of the pies! People who worked in the stores were taking them for themselves and loved ones . . . It was just . . . That DID happen, right?

Well, I never got to taste one of those Pattie pies (they were ALWAYS out-of-stock near me). So today when hubby and I went to WalMart to purchase some things for the boys . . .  and I saw this . . .


. . . I bought one and warmed it up (per heating directions) and ate a slice.

My review: Pattie’s pie is good. A little too sweetened, but yummy. Nobody has been able to touch my late grandfather’s sweet potato pie, however, which tastes more sweet potato-y and less sweetened than Pattie’s. (And, yes: I do realize that eating sweet potato pie is NOT the same as eating a sweet potato and that, yes, I have violated my diet! 😉 )

Krave (Healthy Jerky)


My review: As a meat eater with a sweet tooth, I say yes, yes, and more yes. Krave healthy jerky is awesome. There are many, many yummy flavors. And the neat thing about it: There’s an Abs Diet breakfast recipe that calls for jerky and grits. Ohhhhhh! 🙂

Paleo Frozen Dinner


No, no, and more no. Just no. This was the most tasteless meal I have ever tasted, and I am exaggerating in no way. It takes number one in the category of “Most Flavor-and-Taste-Devoid Meals I Have Eaten In Life Thus Far.” Number one. I actually could NOT believe my taste buds. What makes it WORSE is the engaging package and presentation.

FUNNY TRUE STORY: The WalMart teen who rang me up when I bought it asked if the food was just “out there open where folks could touch it.” I kid you not! The man behind me fell to his knees laughing as silently as he could while I calmly explained, without blinking an eye, that the food was wrapped in shrink wrap and safe from everyone’s touch.

Anyhoo: Yeah. Just . . . not good. At least the meal I tried. ETA: I’m glad the meal was healthy, and perhaps others will like the taste. I wish the company the best but will not be repurchasing.

Luvo Frozen Dinner

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My review: The one I tried (see picture show above) tasted fine, but I would not say delicious. Neat presentation and meal prep, though!

Abs Diet’s Guac and Tuna Recipe

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My review: Easy to make, tasty enough, filling. I use fired/roasted diced tomatoes, and that adds flavor.

One of the Abs Diet’s Oatmeal Recipes

My review: Using Quaker Oats Organic Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal as my base, this recipe results in a super yummy breakfast. I make mine ever-so-slightly soupy. I tastes like creamy banana bread in a heavenly, warm, gooey, happy way. 🙂 DE-LISH!


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