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Hair Tool Review: Kent 16t Extra Large, Course and Fine Toothed, Seamless Comb

After reading about the damage that non-seamless combs do to hair — especially fragile hair types like mine — and after watching two Green Beauty YouTube channel videos (this video and this video in particular), I felt the urge to invest in a nice, seamless comb to reduce mechanical damage to my hair.

The first seamless comb I purchased and tried was the Cricket Carbon Power Hair Cutting Comb Model C30. Based on reviews of the comb, I purchased it from Amazon (here). It cost less than $6.00.

I like many things about the comb: I like the separate, parter at the top. And because I do the “Funnel Method” of detangling, I really love that the comb is both course-toothed and fine-toothed. One thing I didn’t like is that I wanted to take a nail file and file some areas on the comb to be smoother.

I used the comb once. It did a good job, but the amount of hair I lost (some amount is natural and inevitable) and the rough areas on the surface of the comb prompted me to keep looking for a possibly better seamless comb.

Enter the Kent 16t.

KentComb16T.pngSo far it is the best comb to ever glide through my tresses. Like the Cricket Carbon above, the Kent 16t is both course-toothed and fine-toothed. The material and thus surface of this comb is extremely smooth. I definitely lost less hair with it, and I imagine the smoothness of the material is a major reason why.

I can absolutely say that I worry less about the inevitable mechanical damage my hair must get because it must be combed/detangled. I’m minimizing any such damage as best I can, and this comb is a MAJOR, MAJOR part of the reason why (along with Soultanicals H
air Glide, which I review here

NOTE: I paid a little over $10.00 for it and will be investing in a Kent detangling brush soon!


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