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10th Anniversary Hair, Dinner, Dessert, and Music

On November 9th, my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.

We will take a special vacation this summer. On the 9th, however, we decided to do a little something: We dressed up, ate at a burger place we’d been curious about, ordered some of our favorite gourmet desserts, and basked in new, good music.

I styled my hair via the elongated/stretched wash-and-go method that Onicia Muller demonstrates in the video at the end of My Hair Care Regimen page here. I had a multigrain bun with my burger (by choice, not force: my taste buds have been trained to think multigrain bread tastes heartier and better than white bread). I had sweet potato fries (same thing: choice not force). Those things were done right: crispy!

I really enjoyed the burger and fries. Afterwards, I got a Samoa cookie-flavored cupcake (husband got The Wedding Cake cupcake). On my Samoa cookie-flavored cupcake, there was a layer of thin cocoa fudge spread on top of the cake under the icing. That thing was delicious!

On the ride back we listened to music and discovered an awesome singer (her range!!!): Ella Henderson. The song we heard was “Hard Work.” If you listen to that song and wait for it at the very end, you get to experience that range!

NOTE: The photos enlarge if you click them.


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