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Exercising: Reflections Thus Far

By far the most fun exercising I’ve done to date is exercising spontaneously with the boys. Recently this was Light Saber exercising with the oldest and leg lifting with the youngest (see videos below).

Fun, natural exercising/play with the oldest (great for cardio!):

Fun play with the youngest:

Thus far exercising in general has gone really well.

  • I’m pushing myself yet being loving with myself: I’m allowing myself to build up strength and stamina gradually, yet doing tough workouts. Good deal.
  • I’m doing a variety of exercises to keep it fun and interesting: I’m . . .
    • kettle belling,
    • jump roping,
    • stationary bike riding,
    • doing the Abs Diet total body exercise routine,
    • doing a resistance strength training total body routine, and
    • doing the Bean Exerciser Total Body Workout
  • I’m also involving other people for accountability, coaching, and fun.

I can already tell that my body is getting stronger. In addition, per tape measurements, I have already lost 1/2 an inch off of my waist. Yeah, baby! 🙂

One area for improvement is the timeliness of my exercising on Friday and Saturday. The last two weeks, I’ve waited until the last moment on Friday and Saturday, and twice I did not get my exercise in because of it.

I currently have TWO interim fitness goals:

  1. to finish as one of the top 3 female runners at my sister-in-law’s memorial run next Fall, and
  2. to get into sufficient shape to be able to do Barry’s Bootcamp (please see link below). Last time around, this workout got me! Tough!

Reaching these two milestones will be GREAT, and keeping them in mind keeps me exercising faithfully!

Barry’s Bootcamp is available at Amazon here.


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