Recent Purchases and Window Shopping

Today some products arrived from Jakeala’s store on Etsy–products which I’d ordered on October 19, 2016. I ordered them to see if I could do a simple version of the Max Hydration Method (MHM) with the products. The reason behind THAT was to see if the MHM would reduce my hair tangling and knotting, which I was suffering from greatly at the time I ordered the Jakeala products. (I’ve since DRASTICALLY reduced my hair’s knotting and tangling by keeping it stretched in the form of a pony-tailed twist-out sealed with gel.)

Today from Jakeala I received:

  • the Honey Hair Thang rhassoul clay treatment/wash/prepoo/detangler/conditioner,
  • the apple cider vinegar cleanser,
  • the beer conditioner (hoping the protein in it will cause it to do my hair as good as DevaCurl Decadence One Condition does my hair, which would be LOVELY!!!!!!!), and
  • the flaxseed gel (in two scents: Ocean Air and Sweet Potato, that latter of which I can already tell is too strong! Phew!)

I plan to use these products next full wash day. I’m getting a little low on my beloved Soultanicals Hair Glide (and it’s not for sale at the moment 😦 ), and according to reviews, Jakeala’s hair gel is an AMAZING detangler. We shall see!

Other recent purchases/arrivals:

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Items viewed only and not purchased:

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The wheat grass was mentioned in a Green Beauty YouTube Channel video as being able to stop the whitening/graying of hair! It also reportedly has a ton of OTHER amazing health benefits–the kind of benefits that make you think STRONGLY about copping some!

Here’s the video, advanced to time stamp 3:47 near the start of the discussion about chlorophyll-containing wheat grass:

I’m also eyeing a few face/skin products from the Etsy shop JLexiLLC. Man, they look good!


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