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Review: SLAP (Satin-lined Cap)

This morning it took me 3 minutes to get completely presentable and ready to drive my oldest to his grandparents’ so they could drop him off at school: I rolled out of bed, covered my unstarted hairstyle with my SLAP, washed my face, and put on my favorite neutral lipstick–Revlon’s Iced Mocha.

When I returned to the house, I simply removed the SLAP, showered, flashed my head under water, stretched out my ponytail, applied my Shea Moisture tinted moisturizer and my brow makeup, and continued with my day.

I highly recommend the SLAP. It’s lined with satin to protect the hair. It makes managing the timing of styling and makes protecting the hair EASY and worry-free. 🙂

And oh, yeah: It handles my five-head like a champ, Tyra! 😉 Many props to its creator. The SLAP is available at


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