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[Reflection; Spirit/Soul] The Value of Simplifying and of Simple Pleasures

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” — saying attributed to Albert Einstein

I tend to overthink and overcomplicate things, and I am aware of it. 🙂 Joyce Meyer has a book excerpt about how simplicity is a godly thing, and that complication is a thing the enemy loves to see us tripped up in. It really hit me. Then, I read an excerpt from some other book contrasting the concepts of complexity and complication: Complexity has to do with the necessary multiplicity of components to a thing. Complication connotes stuff that is unnecessary.

In other words, yes . . . some things are complex because they have many parts, and must. But when things have been made complicated (as opposed to naturally being complex), then it’s changeable. That is VERY insightful to me.

Because I know I tend to overthink and overcomplicate, I try to periodically step back and look to see if I’m doing it again and can simplify. Below are my thoughts about some things I might simplify for the hair and fitness challenges.

Possible Simplification Move for My Hair Care Regimen

I know that I want to implement the max hydration method to care for and style my hair. The max hydration method is a little complex! 😀 Not a good match for me, personality-wise, right? LOL! However, I think I might be able to simplify it were I to invest in some products that could multitask.

I’ve looked at some additional Jakeala products. I think if I

  1. detangle and cowash with the Jakeala Beau Vert Masque (it contains bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar),
  2. then steam in and leave in DevaCurl’s Decadence One Condition (which is the ONLY thing I’ve found so far that defines my curls),
  3. and then style with DevaCurl’s Ultra Defining Gel . . .

. . . that might complete the max hydration method for me! The only other hair products I would “need” would be

  • a protein treatment since my hair is hipo (I prefer and LOVE the Komaza Care Protein Hair Strengthener),
  • a clarifying shampoo to use as needed (I already own the Jakeala ACV shampoo),
  • and maybe the Netwurks Revitalizing Spray for its hair health/growth properties.

That’s just 6 products. Six. And that’s just 4 brands. Four. Simpler indeed!

Simplifying My Supplement Intake

I have many reasons for wanting to simplify my supplement intake. First, I don’t want to get too much of anything, especially iron. Iron poisoning is very serious. Second, I don’t want to have to find time three times a day to take supplements. That just increases the chance that a supplement will be missed. Third, reducing the number of supplements I take and/or the amount of times per day I take supplements will cut down on costs and save money!

I have decided to simplify in this way: In the morning I will mix my marine collagen in my morning ACV-lemon detox drink. In the afternoon/evening, I will mix my maca root into hot apple cider and wash down my Opti-Women multivitamin with it.

Nothing else. Simple. 🙂

Enjoying Simple Pleasures


While I’m on the topic of simplicity, I thought I’d share here to remind myself to look to children for inspiration. They are the kings and queens of basking in and IMMENSELY enjoying beautiful, simple pleasures.

Case in point: Yesterday my youngest rediscovered the mirror (please see picture above). He instantly turned into a gleeful scientist, reflecting light, angling it to look at all sorts of objects, etc. A mirror. Simple pleasure. Children! What a blessing and inspirational reminder. 🙂

The oldest: Yesterday I happened to see a cup he’d asked for months and months ago. This cup is a cup-combination-snack-holder (please see picture above), and for some reason he needed such functionality. 😉

When I walked in the door last night, I handed it to him and you would have thought I’d handed him a check for $700. The glee. The joy. The excitement. 😀 He instantly began prattling about the worthy features of the cup. 😀 Such joy over something so simple. Great reminder about the power and importance of awe, wonder, gratitude, simplicity, appreciation, and child-like joy.



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