Hair Challenge, My Hair Length Checks

Salon Length Check, Part 1 of 2

Today I have a hair salon appointment to get a length check and trim. Soon after making the appointment, I called the salon to clarify that I didn’t want my hair bone straight and that I didn’t want a cut, but just a trim for hair health.

I was assured that I would receive and be charged for the services I desired. Additionally, I was advised that I should detangle my hair beforehand.

A small (very small) part of me feels that the salon should be prepared to have me walk in with no prep–that the salon should be able to handle my hair completely without my assistance. I imagine this feeling is a “hold over” from my relaxed days: I never EVER prepped my hair for a trip to the salon. However, a much larger part of me knows that I will probably be waaaaaay gentler than the salon when detangling my hair and will thus lose way less hair and incur less hair damage if I just detangle it myself ahead of time. So of course I just simply agreed to detangle my own hair.

I was supposed to detangle my hair the night before my appointment, which was set for 1:30 PM. But unfortunately, I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like tackling my hair.

So, yes, I woke up the morning of the appointment to detangle. (I know, I know.) I got up at 3:00 AM, did a bible study (still dreading tackling my hair), and at 4:00 AM walked into the bathroom to get started on my hair.

I needed to be done detangling and showering and dressing by 5:50 AM so that I could wake up my oldest at 6:00 AM to start preparing for school. I officially started on my hair at 4:12 AM, and the timeline proceeded in the following manner:

4:12 AM: Separated hair into 8 sections (excluding my bangs), and started detangling section 1 of 8
4:26 AM: Section 1 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 14 minutes
4:37 AM: Section 2 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 11 minutes
4:47 AM: Section 3 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 10 minutes
4:56 AM: Section 4 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 9 minutes
5:09 AM: Section 5 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 13 minutes
5:14 AM: Section 6 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 5 minutes
5:20 AM: Section 7 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 6 minutes
5:31 AM: Section 8 of 8 detangled and two-strand-twisted in 11 minutes
5:35 AM: Bang detangled in 4 minutes
5:40 AM: SLAP donned; shower and makeup and dress begun

I didn’t end up waking up my oldest until 6:20 AM versus the 6:00 AM wake-up time that would have allowed for margin. So 6:20 AM  was pushing it a bit, but we made it. After he got bathed and dressed, I dropped the oldest off at his grandparents’, came back and drove the youngest to school, and then went to a progress report meeting for the youngest, SLAP and all.

In the next post, I’ll share pictures from the salon visit, including my hair blown out before it is trimmed and after. I’ll also share photos of the hair products the stylist used (It’s a 10, Influance It’s Natural, and Design Essentials).

Preview: I “lost” about 2 inches of hair or so, it looks from eyeballing pictures.


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