Hair Challenge, My Hair Length Checks

Salon Length Check, Part 2 of 2

On the day of my appointment to get my hair blow dried and trimmed, I arrived 5 minutes before my 1:30 PM appointment. The salon was very nice inside. The salon was recommended by a fellow natural who’d been going to the salon for years.

I was greeted kindly and taken back to my stylist’s private work room within a few minutes. The stylist was really amiable and ended up providing great customer services the entire visit. I was grateful!

To begin, she untwisted my hair and then used a shampoo brush to wash my hair with a Design Essentials shampoo that felt tingly and then with Influance It’s Natural Honey Almond Shampoo. Then, while she conditioned my hair with Influance It’s Natural Honey Almond Conditioner, she gave me an amazing scalp massage with the pads of her fingers.


Back in her work room, she explained to me that I shouldn’t have much hair loss since the shampoo brush contained very little hair. She explained to me what products she would be applying to my hair in order to blow dry it out: First It’s a 10 and then Design Essentials Bamboo and Silk Leave-in Conditioner.

The Harry Connick, Jr. show came on just before she got started blow drying out my hair. I said, “I didn’t know he had a talk show!” To which she replied, “And we won’t be watching it. We’re going to watch my show: The Steve Harvey Show.” 😛 😉

While we watched a new, young comedian showcase his talents on the show and then an interview and performance by Common, she took a brush and blow dryer and blow dried my hair. I could hear crackling as the brush went through my hair. Inside I cringed. I asked her if this would damage my hair. She said no, because the heat protectant would be protecting my hair. I meant mechanical damage but just let it be because she was being as gentle as she could be, I needed this trim, and I do this VERY infrequently.

Here was my length — blow dried but not pulled taut and then pulled taut — with the split ends NOT removed yet:

Here is my length once the split ends are removed:

Now here are side-by-side photos of the hair (taut), BEFORE and AFTER the trim:

Lastly, here is a picture of a small section of hair displaying the extent of the split ends on that section and then what the section looks like once trimmed. If you look at the first picture at my hair right in between her fingers, you can see where the healthy hair ends and the split ends begin, and how much of the length was split. 😦

I definitely lost some length, which of course made me feel a tad bummed. I am trying to focus on the fact that I now have split-end-free hair which is a good foundation from which to continue my hair growth challenge. My stylist said that my hair should tangle a lot less. I’m very curious about that! That would be a neat consolation prize.

I’m glad that a lot of the SSKs (single-strand knots) are now gone (these are SSKs I got when I was still learning to keep my hair from tangling). That feels smile-worthy. I’m going to try not to think about the change in length and just remember that split hair has to go. It can’t stay. If it stays, it damages the part of the hair that is healthy.

My next trim will be in 3 months (or earlier if a need for a trim is detected). In the meanwhile, I’m going to do what I can to baby my ends (keep them oiled, sealed, buttered, or what-have-you) so that very little need be trimmed next time around. I’m also going to continue my healthy eating, exercising, supplement-taking, and Netwurks application. If I go ahead and do what I think I should do to protect my ends, then I can’t be too upset about necessary trims. It’s only when I DON’T DO what I feel I should have that any upset feeling has sticking power.

May we all have the consistency to carefully protect our hair, especially our hair’s ends. 🙂


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