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[Hair/Soul/Spirit] “Keep Your Crown” (Oh, the Irony!)

This past Thursday I got my hair trimmed, as I discussed here, and I'm a little sad about it, for reasons discussed below. Ironically, the uplifting message that has had me deeply positive and God-confident of late is entitled "Keep Your Crown." (To hear the message at no cost, please visit this page and enter… Continue reading [Hair/Soul/Spirit] “Keep Your Crown” (Oh, the Irony!)

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[Food/Recipe/Diet] Abs Diet Burger

The two food plans I'm blending -- The Abs Diet eating plan and The Paleo / Whole30 eating plan -- are not compatible. I recognize that. šŸ˜‰ I have done both of them at separate times and appreciate the logic behind and the results achieved from both. Some of the things I like about the… Continue reading [Food/Recipe/Diet] Abs Diet Burger