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[Food/Recipe/Diet] Abs Diet Burger


The two food plans I’m blending — The Abs Diet eating plan and The Paleo / Whole30 eating plan — are not compatible. I recognize that. 😉 I have done both of them at separate times and appreciate the logic behind and the results achieved from both.

Some of the things I like about the Paleo eating plan are that it emphasizes high quality food, it did not skimp on flavor, and it expanded my cooking ability and knowledge of great, carb-free recipes. I never gained weight on the Paleo diet, despite eating lots of flavorful food. Also, I really, really liked the fact that on the Paleo diet, you need only eat 3 times a day.

Some of the things I really like about The Abs Diet eating plan are that it avoids the mistake of asking folks to deprive themselves, meal preparation was fast and simple, my taste buds became retrained while I was on The Abs Diet, my stomach got perfectly flat on The Abs Diet, my energy level went through the roof doing the eating and exercising plan, and the food for this eating plan is everyday food: Nothing too fancy or too costly.

One of my FAVORITE Abs Diet meals is The Abs Diet burger. I made it yesterday, and once again it did NOT disappoint. Below is a link to the official recipe and pictures from prep of it yesterday. NOTE: To kick up the flavor a notch, add your favorite hamburger seasoning. Since I have a sweet tooth, I often add Weber’s Gourmet Burger Seasoning, which I get at WalMart inexpensively. Of course, The Abs Diet burger is healthier without the seasoning. 😉 🙂

Link to the official Abs Diet burger recipe:



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