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[Recipe/Food] Easy Banana Pudding, Recipe by DivasCanCook

How was your Thanksgiving? This year I was blessed to be in Texas, surrounded by family and friends and GREAT cooks.

Accordingly 🙂 , my only contribution was a banana pudding. I got the recipe from the popular site Divas Can Cook. Monique, the site’s creator, has a banana pudding recipe that is simple yet delicious. Even the old school cooks in my family love it. While this Thanksgiving I followed the recipe to a “t,” I typically change it up and instead use one packet of vanilla pudding and one packet of banana-flavored pudding. I like the mixture better.

One of the commentors at the Divas Can Cook site says that she adds vanilla to her version of this recipe. Next year I think I’ll get fancy and do the mixture WITH a few drops of vanilla. 🙂

Praying you had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday! ❤


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