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[Hair Health; Hairstyle; Product Combinations] Post-trim Hair Challenges Continue!

Greetings! I hope this post finds you well!

So, I’m still having challenges dealing with my post-trim hair. My hair seems to be . . . weaker? Brittler? It definitely breaks more easily, despite my applying a protein treatment a week or so ago.

Also, it feels rougher. In this post I share what I’ve tried in order to address the issues.

Early Fixes I Attempted

As I just mentioned, to try to address the seeming brittleness, I’ve applied a protein treatment (Komaza Care’s). In addition, to try to address the rough feeling of my hair, I’ve given my hair several moisturizing deep conditioning treatments, namely the Especially Hair Moisture Foundation, the Shea Moisture High Porosity Moisture Seal Masque, and the Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Hair Masque.

The effect? It is SO WEIRD, but product seems to just be SITTING on my hair and hardly penetrating at all. For this hipo-haired girl, that is a STRAAAAAAAAAAANGE experience: My hair has been naturally highly porous as long as I can remember, meaning, my hair takes on water and product instantly and loses them just as quickly. So to have PRODUCT just SITTING on my hair felt VERY, VERY weird. I could SEE the product! :O Whoah!

Given the situation (rough-feeling hair, brittle-feeling hair), it seems like I would have gone with my holy grail conditioner, DevaCurl Decadence One Condition, right? You’re right. I tried it, and it, TOO, seemed to sit on top of my head. After about 10 minutes of shower steam, some of it did seem to penetrate my hair, but nothing like before. 😐 And now I’ve run out of it! (There was no Black Friday sale on it that I saw, and I’m currently trying to reduce my hair product stash, so I did NOT replenish it.)

[Next Attempt] Non-workable Product Combination: SM Coconut Fusion Weightless Masque as Cowash, SM Manuka Conditioner as Leave-in, Jojoba Oil as Sealant

wp_20161203_001Since I was out of my beloved DevaCurl Decadence One Condition, I looked through my hair products stash and decided to try cowashing (i.e. washing with conditioner or washing with a dedicated cowash product). I chose the SM Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Hair Masque for my cowash. Afterwards, I chose the SM Manuka Honey Conditioner to leave in my hair, and I sealed with jojoba oil.

This didn’t work. LOL. 😀 I feel like the masque helped soften my hair, as did the conditioner. However, the conditioner’s scent was so strong and never faded such that everyone commented to me about it. (Oooooo, girl: What’s in your hair? Kinda strong, yes?) I mean, the scent just never faded. My nose never even acclimated to it. Just wow, right?

I had to wash it out eventually.

[Current Attempt] Clarify with Jakeala’s ACV Shampoo, Condition with Jakeala’s Beer Conditioner, and Leave in Bekura Honey Latte

Like I said, I had to wash that SM Manuka Honey conditioner out due to the strong scent that never faded. To do so, I clarified with Jakeala’s ACV shampoo, and BOY did that leave my hair feeling pretty stripped. I’m starting to think this is a shampoo I need to reserve for using once a month, max!

Some of my hair shed/broke while during the shampoo. As a result, I was anxious to get some conditioner in my hair quickly after the poo. I applied Jakeala’s Beer Conditioner (very heavy-handedly) while in the shower. I let it steam in. I rinsed it out with cold (not cool but actually cold) water, and then I liberally applied Bekura Honey Latte to my strands. Bekura Honey Latte smells DIVINE yet very light. This is ONE product that is scented well. 🙂

Next, I turned up the temperature to the shower water until steam was once again being produced, attended to showerly matters, and then used one of these stretchy, black, baby head bands to create a puff.

So far my hair feels really good and smells really good. However, I’m very concerned about the breakage and tangling (due to shrinkage, I’m sure). I feel in my heart that soon I might be getting some crochet braids installed. I’ve worn them before.Wearing crochet braids would definitely allow inches of hair to grow and be retained. This time around i think I might easily have the patience to wear crochet braids as a protective style for the next 6 months or so, given that I now KNOW that I love my hair when it has a few additional inches.  I really, really want to get those inches WITHOUT major split ends. Looks like protective styling is in my near future. 🙂



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