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[Face; Hair; Spirit/Soul] Crochet Hair, Japanese Konjac Sponge,, and Some Great Messages


What hair do you like to wear for your crochet hair installs? Yesterday I selected which synthetic crochet hair I will wear. Additionally, I purchased a few Japanese Konjac facial sponges and created a mock cart (to make’s Fenugreek Hair Smoothie). Details below. 🙂

My Chosen Synthetic Hair This Time Around

I’ve worn crochet braids before: When my TWA (teenie weenie afro) grew out for the first time and I had NO IDEA what to do with my hair, I started watching YouTube hair videos and discovered the crochet braid option. I wore crochet braids for maybe 6 months, I guess? For synthetic hair, I tried two types: Zury’s Brazilian Braid 20″ in 1B, and I forget the other.

The Zury Brazilian Braid looked AWESOME but it shed a lot. The OTHER hair I used (which I can’t remember. Boo!!!) did NOT shed much at all and was SUPER easy to maintain. It was a little rougher looking and kinkier looking than the Zury Brazilian Braid, and it was low-maintenance. I wish I could remember what it was!

Anyhoo, if I can’t find that hair when I browse the beauty supply store later this week, then I’ve decided this time around to go with Freetress Water Wave, as seen below.

Japanse Konjac Facial Sponges

Yesterday I went to Sprouts looking to purchase the ingredients to make the’s Fenugreek Hair Smoothie I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Sprouts had both Fenugreek Seed Powder and Slippery Elm Bark Powder, but in capsule form. 😐 That’s good, but meh for me! I need loose powder.

Something INTERESTING happened when the Sprouts employee asked me why I needed these items. I told her about my hair breakage. She said, “Well, since you are not losing hair at the root, I wouldn’t worry about it. You only need to ingest healthy fats, such as a tablespoon of coconut oil a day. But yeah, I wouldn’t worry about simple breakage: You have a LOT of hair. I mean, your type of hair is so interesting. I wanna touch it!”

I let her touch it, y’all. Later my family was like, “You let her touch your hair. Uggh!” Shrug. I guess I didn’t mind because she was polite and asked. It’s just curiosity, and I didn’t find it offensive. I know others do.

But back to her comment. “Simple hair breakage?!??” Simple. Hair. Breakage?!?? My brain says “Hair breakage not simple. Hair breakage serious.” I can’t not try to address it, ya know? 🙂 Some breakage is natural, but I’m watching my current breakage and have tactics planned. 😉

Anyhoo 🙂 😉 , about the Japanese Konjac facial sponges. I was ON MY WAY OUT of Sprouts when I saw two things of interest: Sprouts hair products and Andalou Konjac sponges. (Photos enlarge upon click.)

I resisted the urge to purchase the hair products (I’m on a “Use Up Your Hair Products Stash” challenge), but I did NOT resist the urge to purchase the Andalou sponges (and some coconut oil 😉 ). The sponges were on sale. I purchased a couple, read this excellent review about konjac sponges, and then tried using one for the first time. Felt WONDERFUL! Time will tell how they perform.

Since obtaining Fenugreek Seed Powder and Slipper Elm Bark Powder from Sprouts was a bust . . . and since the Vitamin Shoppe folks said they also only have capsule form . . . I went to and to see if I could find these in powder form.

I’m leaning toward purchasing the mock cart below. We’ll see: I wasn’t expecting to make too many more hair-related purchases besides the Jakeala bundle that she should ship to me any day now.


On a Spiritual Note . . .

I end up driving a lot. So, I try to overlap that time with spiritual development. One of the ways I do that is by listening to Sirius radio channel 128. I find the messages at the channel to be incredibly uplifting. Recently, I’ve found messages #446, #603, and #302 particularly encouraging. You can view/hear them free if you enter the sermon number at this page. Message #705 is great, too! Many blessings!


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