Hair Challenge, Trialing Hair Product Combinations, Tweaks toward Nailing My Regimen

[Hair] Received: Black Friday Hair Product Haul from Jakeala on

My Black Friday hair product haul, which I ordered from Jakeala on, arrived today!
These are the Jakeala products I ordered (slideshow commences and photos enlarges upon click):
The cowash bar smells divine!!! Best hair product I’ve ever smelled!!! The Peach Hair Milk is right behind it. Smells WONDERFUL! I have yet to open the jars, so I’m not yet sure how they smell. 😀
These Jakeala products have ingredients that could possibly enable an individual product to work for two or three steps of the MHM at once.  Additionally, there are so many potential combinations of her products that might work effectively to do the MHM. Designing Jakeala-centric MHM regimens and trialing them out for a few weeks separately is going to be fun!!!
Toward Personalizing the MHM for My Hair/Needs
Have you tried the Max Hydration Method? What do you think of it? Have you tried and tweaked it to meet your needs? Have you found ways to simplify/shorten it? Please add your comments on this to this post. I’d love to hear from you.
Well, YouTube’s ProtectivePrincess’s personalization of the MHM ( has me inspired to do the same.
For my first attempt at a personalized and Jakeala-centric MHM regimen, I’m going to try the following. It will both reverse steps 1 and 2  of the MHM and will add a step for applying growth aids and end protection.
  1. Prepoo & detangle & cowash (cowash as step 1 of 2 in “reverse cleansing,” i.e., condition then cleanse):
    Jakeala marshmallow root conditioner bar
  2. ??? Clarify with ACV ??? (I might be able to omit this because the product in step 3 contains ACV):
    Jakeala ACV and Cherries shampoo bar
  3. Deeply moisturize & condition with clay:
    Jakeala Beau Vert Masque on dried hair steamed in
  4. Care for ends and edges:
    Apply Netwurks spray to edges and scalp using color applicator bottle; THEN apply mixture of Netwurks custard, castor oil, and jojoba oil to ends
  5. Moisturize & seal:
    Apply Jakeala Peach Hair Milk to hair’s shaft in sections (first try it by itself since it contains oils and assess how long hair stays moisturized, then if necessary next time try mixing it with jojoba oil before applying to hair’s shaft)
If I am indeed able to skip step 2 and its product, then that would be lovely! I’ll have to see: Just because the Beau Vert masque contains ACV does not mean my hair will be “clarified” or cleansed with it in the form it’s in, the way the MHM is calling for.
I’ll try to remember to product and update after I’ve trialed this in January for a few weeks. These products look amazing. 🙂

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