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[Hair; Diet] Still Trying to Remedy This New Rough-Hair Feeling: ACV Rinse and Using Jakeala and Soultanicals Products

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Phew! Challenging hair weekend! On the other hand, food/eating has been awesome. Pictures to go along with the details below are above in the slideshow.

The Issue

Ever since the salon trim in November, my hair has felt super rough, like it’s made of something different than it was before. I have DC’d, done protein treatments . . . steamed . . . you name it. I have NEVER had my hair have this FEEL before. I asked for advice/suggestions in an LHCF ( thread and was advised that perhaps my cuticles are raised and ACV might help. That WOULD explain the more-than-usual tangling.

So I used my Jakeala Black Friday haul products that finally arrived yesterday. Aside: OMG, they smell diviiiiiiiiiiine. The marshmallow root cowash bar is the best smelling hair product (thing?!??) I have ever smelled. The Peach Hair Milk is right behind it.

What I Tried

I cleansed my hair with the ACV cherries bar (my first time using a shampoo bar, and I loooooved it!). Then I DC’d with the Beau Vert masque, with steam. I ended up sitting under the dryer with it in for about 30 minutes and sleeping with it in, it was so late. I try not to sleep in DCs, based on what I’ve learned about that at the GreenBeauty YouTube channel.

ACV Rinse to Detangle and Soften? Soultanicals to the Rescue. HOURS and HOURS of Detangling

Then the next morning, per some LHCF advice, I tried an ACV rinse: I mixed 2 TBS of ACV (with the mother) in distilled water, put it in my flairosol bottle, and saturated my hair with it. Once the ACV rinse dried, my hair did feel much less rough. (Cuticles closed?) But I wasn’t able to detangle with it, like some folks who swear by it. Soultanicals Hair Glide saved my life today. It took me HOURS and HOURS to detangle. I really, really hope the rough hair thing is done! I’m praying that next time I wash . . . or even as my hair loses moisture over the next few days . . . that my hair feels normal/soft/smooth still.

So at the time of this writing, I’m chunky twisted up, with warmed Netwurks custard and DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel on my ends. My ends feel like butter!

That was a LOT of brushing/combing to get the hair detangled. I’ve got to watch that. I’m hoping all of this was a special circumstance due to the rough-hair-thing, which I think was caused by the products the stylist used.

Protective Style Learning Curve :(

This weekend’s hair issues didn’t feel . . . good for the hair. I need to find my DIY clip-in wefts fast. I’m new to this and have no idea how to find hair that looks more real than what I keep seeing in BSS’s. I may just have to go with glossy hair and try to remove the sheen with dry shampoo. And I need to sooner-than-later finish learning how to do the African thread-out I plan to wear on most days. I don’t want another hair situation like this weekend’s. I need to start keeping my hair protected and/or stretched ASAP!

Health, Food, Water, Vitamins

It’s Day 3 for me on the 7-Day Cabbage Diet as outlined at Today was fruits AND vegetables . . . along with, of course, as much cabbage soup as you wish.

Like the DivasCanCook lady, I cheat ever so slightly, like, I added pecans to my apple-orange-and grape tomatoes salad. I dress it with Olive Garden’s Light Italian dressing. :smile:

The rest of the day I’ve had the cabbage soup and fruits. I haven’t had a lot of water (I struggle mightily at times with this): My hair took ALLLLLL DAY. I haven’t had my detox drink nor my iron or multivitamin. I’ll remedy that now.

The kiddos have returned from their grandparents, so I will grab the oldest and we’ll exercise together. He will get a FIT out of doing a dumbbell routine with me. :smile: Kids!


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