I’m Back Here at My Blog!


I hope this post finds you well!

A few months ago I decided to participate in a hair growth study, and I suspend blogging here in order to sustain a dedicated blog about my participation in the study.

Well, for a variety of reasons, I’ve decided not to continue with the study. This means that I can recommence blogging here, and I’m so excited about that!

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While I was “gone,” I made great progress in terms of technique and product discovery! I look forward to sharing photos and details about that in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, here is a picture of a recent twist out. Details about the products and techniques used are to come!

Many blessings!




2 thoughts on “I’m Back Here at My Blog!”

  1. Hi! Waves I’m Kayla from What The Kink. Thanks for sharing my anti-stash video on LHC forum. I’m lame and do not pay so I just go on there and read with my account. I got a chuckle from it. lol.


    1. Hi! waves back vigorously
      Thanks so much for this note! And thank you so much for your YouTube channel. I really enjoy it!

      How have you been?

      Ha! I loved your anti-stash video for its inspiration: I think we can have more balance in the area of hair product consumption and take some of that money and put it elsewhere! I’m working HARD on it. I love how streamlined your “stash” is. I was really wondering what kind of response it would get at LHCF. 😛 Hopefully it helps some of us to pause, prioritize sticking with what we love, and notice what we already have that is working well. Your video was RIGHT ON TIME for me! nods head up and down I love my “non-stash” product cabinet now. Every time I reach for something from it on wash day, I know it’s the best I’ve found so far. The simplicity is nice! Take care! ❤


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