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Update: September 2017 Hair Length Check, Regimen, and Products


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I’ll just dive right in with an update on my hair (length, regimen, and products). In my next blog posts, I plan to discuss:

  • my diet (I’m now eating pesco-vegan and loving it),
  • my prep for an October 5K run,
  • my recent spiritual growth, and
  • what I’ve been doing lately in order to experience high levels of happiness!

2017 September Length Check

This is where I’m at, length-wise. The current goals is to grow at least a strong 1/2 an inch per month for the next few months. 🙂

September 2017 Hair Care Regimen

I spent much of the last 2-3 years struggling with detangling, moisture-retention, and styling. Now that I’ve gained some victory in these areas, I have prioritized the goal of SHORTENING my wash day and STREAMLINING my hair care regimen and the number of products I use.

I used to have to get into the shower TWICE on wash day: Once to rinse out my cleanser, and another time to rinse out my deep conditioner. And don’t let me need to do a protein treatment! (NOTE: I tried leaning into the shower to rinse of my hair instead of fully getting into the shower, and that was a mess. I even invested in a bathroom sink hose attachment, which failed miserably.)

Well, with the aid of a wonderful, multi-tasking product, I have now gotten wash day down to a very manageable, shorter, one-shower-entry process!!! Woot!

Here is the process (products are pictured below):

  1. Section hair into 6-10 sections using the small Goody Updo barrettes that Luv Naturals founder Kimmaytube recommends (and sells on her site). (NOTE: I got mine from Ebay and Kroger).
  2. Prepoo/detangle/condition/cleanse: Use Pure O.N.E. Beauty African Black Soap Mud Mask/Wash. Apply at sink. Leave in for 15 minutes. Spray with shower-filtered water to make the product slippery enough with which to detangle. Detangle.
  3. Strengthen and silken: In the shower, rinse out the prepoo and saturate hair with organic rice water. Shower and all of that, and then at the end of shower time, rinse the organice rice water from the hair.
  4. Infuse ayurvedic ingredients, seal, and gel: At the sink, section by section, apply Jakeala Shea Amla Parfait beneath EarthTones Naturals Gelly.
  5. Install twists or elongate/stretch for a wash-and go.
  6. Either wear the twists under a wig or clip-ins on the first day or two (or three–smile), and then take down the twists with broccoli seed oil.
  7. On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays do edge care and hair growth stimulation:
    1. Apply Asha & Miel Edge Genesis ULTRA Oil to edges, and massage in.
    2. Apply DIY CurlyProverbz Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil to scalp and massage in with electric scalp massage brush.


For the month of September 2017, I am only permitting myself to use the products pictured below (along with HairPrint Chelating Shampoo which is not pictured because it sits in my shower). It has been so, so, so, so, so, so great to simplify in these ways.

WP_20170904_004 1

Hair Products

Here is what I’m using in September 2017, with the addition of organic rice water (to silken and strengthen–please see video below).

2017 September Focal Hair Products and Tools

And that’s my hair update!

I do have some newly obtained Conair Wave Clips (they are discontinued, but some popped up at Amazon so I jumped and got them!). At some point I do want to try to do a set with them. Here is a video demo:

Until next time!


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