2018: New Year, Renewed Commitment, New Regimen, and More Blogging!

Note: This post contains a slideshow at the end.


Happy New Year, all!!!

Are you excited about what’s possible in 2018? I am. :yep:

Are you feeling renewed, rejuvenated, intentional, and focused? I am! :yep:  :cool2:

I’ve got several engaging, fun, high leverage projects going on this year. Here are some:

    I’m doing a Your Dream Body challenge.
    I’m actually the host/manager of the challenge, and so far I’m really enjoying participating and hosting.
    I have a few new career options/opportunities. I am prepping for them and will share more as things develop. God has really blessed me in this area to give me so much hope. To be honest, this has been the “most fearful” area for me, and God is just showing up and telling me “It’s going to be possible. TRUST me.” I love Him and am so grateful. He’s a good, good Father.
    I have two major financial goals this year:
    (1) to use no credit unless its an emergency and to pay down my two credit lines to 70% or less of what they were on January 1, 2018 and
    (2) to make weekly contributions to a savings fund so that I have added nicely to my money cushion. I will hone in on the specifics as I know more about changes in my income.
    I’ve got all sorts of date night ideas, parenting activity ideas, and extended family activity ideas. I can hardly WAIT to try them!
    I love, love, love my church and my minister. So grateful for that! I plan to really capitalize upon the church worship services and messages this year.

    Also, I have discovered THE MOST AWESOME BIBLE EVER!!!!!! (And I have owned scores of bibles, so that’s saying something!)

    This bible is the Lifehack Bible, and it’s INCREDIBLE. I really wasn’t expecting it to be THIS good! LOL! I will be reading from it, as well as my tried-and-true spiritual/christian books that shed the love of God through my heart and kindle my adoration and connection and love for God. In an upcoming post, I plan to share a list of what these select titles are and how I benefit from them. Also, throughout the year, I hope to write brief blog posts about excerpts from those books that really hit me and/or change me. 🙂

  6. HAIR
    I went in and got my hair blow dried, flat ironed, and trimmed so that I could start the year with a great foundation. I’m so glad I did! I didn’t know my hair was as healthy and beautiful as it was, and it made all of last year’s work on it feel so worth it! It also gave me peace that I have been on the right track and have not been damaging my hair too much when I detangle it (that was a constant concern).

    I have a new hair regimen, and it’s MUCH easier and more streamlined than any regimen I’ve tried before. I absolutely love it. My new hair care regimen is making hair care fun and devoid of stress. I can hardly believe it! I keep pinching myself. I have also discovered some new holy grail and staple hair products. I look forward to sharing those as I create more posts.

    I will definitely sooner than later be sharing my new hair care regimen, how it differs from what I did before, the sources of inspiration for my new regimen, the rationale behind my new regimen, and more.

    I aim to blog more in 2018. I have gotten feedback about my blog that really helped me to see that it has value to myself and others. That’s good to know! It means I should make posts, then, right? :laugh: Just kidding! But in all seriousness, this is a great space for me to capture neat practices, thoughts, insights, resources, inspiration, reflections, etc. I’m grateful for this blog as a resource. 🙂

What are your major aims for the year? What’s inspiring you right now? Please share via the comment feature. I’d love to hear about what has your heart and focus at the moment.

Please enjoy the slide show! It contains photos that provide a visual update of sorts.

Wishing a most excellent 2018 for you and for your loved ones.

Many blessings!

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