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Update: Progress on Changing Careers

It’s easy to post about hair. It’s not so easy to post about career. The reason it’s challenging to post about career is that I have several significant obstacles to overcome: (1) I’m older. This has me a little wary about making huge changes and commitments. (2) I need to be earning money to pay down school debt. This means I perhaps should not dive into going to school without also earning income. (3) I am not sure what new career field to try to enter. I have ideas, but I’m not sure, and that has me wary. Back to point (1): I’m older. 🙂

As of the date of this post, I am still in my “old” career field. The good news is that I’m branching out. I’m obtaining my own clients and working for myself. This allows me to earn money and control my time so that if I need to take a class here or there or work part-time in a new, exploratory field, I can.

The toughest choice I’m facing right now is whether to get a good job in my old field so that I can pay down debt and save money for courses for my new field . . . or whether I should just dive into a new field, getting an entry level job that will allow me to pay down debt, learn the inside of my field first-hand, shadow people, determine whether I really like the field, obtain recommendations, make connections, etc.

I admit: I am concerned about (afraid of?) making a wrong choice at this stage in life. But one good thing about being older is that I’m learning the concepts in the quotes below. 🙂 So I’m going to pray and pray to God for guidance, and then jump! And your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Wishing you and yours many blessings today!





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