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Hair Gain #1: Using the “Hair Journal” App for Invaluable Insight

NOTE: This post contains video.

The Incredible Value of Hair Journaling

It is VERY helpful to do photo documentation and take notes on your healthy hair journey. There is NO WAY I would understand my hair as well as I currently do were I not able to go back and look at photos and read about what worked and what didn’t. It’s impossible to remember all of the tiny things you learn and do and notice as you are trialing techniques, products, various product combinations, and technique-product interactions.

I had been doing my hair-related documentation in Microsoft OneNote, and I will probably continue to do so. Some of the things I’ve included in my Microsoft OneNote hair journal:

  • starting regimen
  • regimen tweaks
  • photo documentation of the state, health, and length of my hair
  • ideas (what I might try next)
  • staple and holy grail products
  • contact information of stylists that I like or love
  • DIY hair product recipes
  • embedded YouTube hair tutorials
  • my reviews of how products work on my hair
  • my hair product and tool purchasing history
  • my hair product and tool purchasing wish list
  • etc.

I like OneNote, however, for the last short while I have been trialing an app called Hair Journal. So far I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I take a 1/4 of a star away for not having a Tools section, and a 1/4 of a star away because once you enter a lot of text into a text box, scrolling gets a little challenging. Otherwise, AWESOME!!!

A Video Overview of the App “Hair Journal”

To learn about how the Hair Journal app works, please check out the first video below. I had to make a very brief second video once I discovered a feature/capability I hadn’t noticed until later. It’s worth watching, I promise. 🙂

FOR BEST WATCHING: Please maximize the video (push play and then click on the rectangle in the lower right hand corner) and set the playback quality to the highest resolution possible (click on the little gear and change the settings if need be).

Please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!



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