Hair Challenge

Significant Hair-related Gains Made!!!

Ever since I went natural (that is, stopped using chemicals to straighten my Afro-textured Type 4 hair), my hair has become a hobby.

At first this happened inadvertently–against my will. :hand: :pullhair: 😦 Yes, sadly, that’s true. But now it’s become a hobby for the following two reasons: First, simply out of habit (I had no choice but to put a lot of time into my hair), and second, because the closer I inch toward figuring out my hair, the more addictive it is to try to solve another piece of the puzzle!

So, it is with GREAT joy that I am able today to report the following gains made in the hair department:

  1. I have found a SUPER EASY way to document my hair journey, and it rocks! :pulpdance: Details, including two brief videos I made, will be shared in an upcoming post.
  2. I have mastered my wash and go. :cool2:
    Yes, mastered! Meaning, it looks great, I can wear it for days, and it does not cause excessive tangles nor single strand knots (SSKs), the latter of which I sometimes have to cut out.
  3. I have mastered the two-strand twist out. :cool2:
  4. I have identified MORE staple and holy grail products. :clapping:
  5. I have SHORTENED wash day. :headspin:
  6. I have determined how to keep most tangles and single strand knots at bay.

I will discuss each of these as briefly as I can in a series of posts. 😀 I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, provide tips, and the like.

Many blessings!




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