My Reviews of Hair Products, Tweaks toward Nailing My Regimen

Update: RoyalHerbalOrganics and NaturesEgo Fermented Rice Water Products

Product trialing update: Yesterday I again used the RoyalHerbalOrganics no poo and conditioner on my scalp and strands. I posted my initial impression of the RoyalHerbalOrganics hair product line a few days ago in this post:

In my first post about these products, I mentioned that I had not attempted to detangle with either the no poo or the conditioner. Well, yesterday after letting the no poo sit on my hair for 30 minutes (per the directions), I rinsed the no poo out and then detangled with the conditioner. It went swimmingly well. Super great. So little hair left in my brush that it almost prompted tears of joy. cry 😀

Disclaimer: My hair had been in a “Bronner Brothers Firm Hold Curling Gel” twist out for the past few days. That gel barely permits ANY tangles in my hair if I have applied it only over liquid and not a cream or butter. However, regarding the few tangles I did have, the RoyalHerbalOrganics conditioner and my KareCo Tangle Buster Brush handled them with EASE. Ease. 😀

In my first post about these products, I mentioned that I was loving the products but was concerned about their pricing. I love the products even MORE today, and I’m still concerned about the pricing, especially since I feel I might be using quite a bit per wash.

Let’s see — literally — how much I’m using per wash on my a-little-bit-longer-than-armpit-length hair. Below are pictures comparing the amount of product that came in each bottle with how much was left in each bottle after one use then after two uses.

Here is the amount of product I received:


Here is the amount of product left after the FIRST use:


Here is the amount of product left after the SECOND use:


So How Many Washes Might I Get Out of These Two Bottles?

I wash my hair twice a week. The picture immediately above shows what’s left after TWO uses, or one week’s worth of washes. The bottles started out full. I’m estimating that at the current rate of product usage, both bottles will last me about a month (the amount missing, 4 times total . . . or 8 washes altogether).

That’s $65 per month (including the hair and body bar). I don’t know, you guys. I’m really thinking it through. I gotta admit, my hair feels better than it EVER has with these products. That’s saying A WHOLE LOT, as I’ve used MANY, MANY products over the past 4 years since my big chop. And I can’t forget/omit: The bar has been fantastic on my face.

Hmm. Before I come to any conclusions, I will continue trialing these products . . . and I will compare them to Nature’s Ego’s ayurvedic fermented rice water products once I obtain them.

What’s different about the Nature’s Ego’s products is that they are better priced, contain MORE ayurvedic ingredients, and come with a lotion that I can leave in my hair. The Nature’s Ego owner has been so responsive and generous. (So has the RoyalHerbalOrganics owner.) The Nature’s Ego’s creator’s customer service is A #1 so far! If the Nature’s Ego products perform well, I may use them and purchase only the bar soap from RoyalHerbalOrganics. On the other hand, there might be something about the particular ingredients in the RoyalHerbalOrganics products that just works for my hair and can’t be replicated. I don’t know!

Decisions, decisions. 😀 I thank God for blessing these product creators with skills and for providing me with the ability to seek out what’s best for my hair. I’m so grateful to be having fun with my hair while growing it out. My natural hair used to overwhelm me, but now aside from the extra time it takes, I’m enjoying everything about mastering and growing it. God is good. 😀

Many blessings, all!

Product usage in side-by-side and in slideshow formats for easier visual comparison:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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