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[Social] Meetup Event, Soccer Game, Nail Salon Visit, and Tonight’s Line Dancing Meetup

Greetings! Here’s an update regarding my shift away from digital social media to in-person, face-to-face social interaction. Recent events discussed in this post include a wondrous event at a spa (the massage was DIVINE), our little guy’s soccer game (the weather was HEAVENLY), and a relaxing visit to my favoritest (yes favoritest) nail salon. Tonight I’m joining the women for a line dancing lesson, which overlaps health and social aims. It should be good! 😀

Meetup Event at Spa Castle for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, my family treated me to a Spa Castle event with one of my groups. I was anticipating it ALL WEEK LONG. I remembered author Valerie Burton’s point that when we deliberately anticipate future happiness that’s 1 of 3 ways to increase the amount of happy emotions we have (please see this post for my summary of Valerie’s helpful book excerpt about that). This anticipation constitutes happiness about the event before the event has even occurred. Genius.

The experience itself did not disappoint! The drive there was long but peaceful. When I stepped out of the car, the weather felt so good! The Texas evening blue sky with that gorgeous sun and a gentle breeze set the perfect tone. I breathed in that sweet air and thanked God for health, love, family, girls’ days, and spa treatments! 😀


I walked in; got my bracelet access key; changed into my dark brick red, two-piece, halter top, tankini swim suit; and met up with the girls. There was a strict no-cameras-in-the-locker-room rule, and thank goodness for that, because a lot of folks were just walking around in the buff as if we were all familiar! Eesh! Asian spa culture, I guess.


I just barely made it in time to sign up for a massage, so I left the girls in the pool after visiting with them for a short time in the pool. My masseuse was an older Asian lady who had started out with giving massages decades ago in Asia. I got the oil massage for stress and blood pressure and such (I can’t remember the exact name), and wooooo was it lovely. My masseuse complimented my natural hair (“Natural hair! So soft!!!”), and I thanked her profusely as she recommended that I drink more water (I was drinking about 70 ounces a day but have upped it since) and also that I get a deep tissue massage in about a year. (I have no idea why she recommended so long a wait.)

On the drive back, I tried to stop by a very reasonably priced seafood place that had crab tater tots and a delicious looking seafood chowder. I drove around in circles about 5 times before calling and learning that that location existed on the INTERNET still but not in reality. Goodness! LOL. No complaints, though. I’ve finally learned (after many years) that if it’s not a life and death situation and the situation is OVER, then no stress or anger or ranting or complaining is warranted. It’s done, and I am in control of and responsible for how I feel. 🙂 So, as I made my way back home, I told God how grateful and blessed I felt about it all. Then I let my family and the girls know of my gratitude, ate at home, and called it a night.

The Soccer Game (and Digital Addiction!)

Our oldest had a soccer game the next day. Again, the weather!!! It was DIVINE! I made sure to drink it all in:

  • I noticed that the turf was high tech, and I was grateful for the fact that someone thought enough of the families to invest in these areas for the children.
  • I noticed that the children were healthy and outside and getting exercise.
  • I noticed that the families were kind and courteous to one another. For example, a lady offered my mom a portable chair so that she could get off of her feet. And folks cheered for kids that weren’t theirs.
  • I noticed that the kids were learning teamwork, perseverance, patience, and planning/strategy.


One kind of sad thing I noticed was that while some of the kids were engaged and watching their siblings or finding ways to play, other kids were SEATED AND GLUED TO THEIR DEVICES. :/ One mom said, “That’s enough. Time for a technology break,” which prompted the little guy to stand up and cry out, “No, mommy, no! One more, one more!” I applaud her efforts. NO JUDGMENT HERE. Technology is a force nowadays. I can’t IMAGINE having grown up with it like the kids of today!

The grip of our gadgets

Anyhow, the whole game our team seemed like they were going to dominate. And then something happened and the other team members got some kind of spark and just . . . LOL . . . well. 🙂 We congratulated and consoled our kiddos, applauded them for making it to the playoffs, and headed home. Great time had by all.


The Best Nail Salon in the World

Yesterday while the boys were gone at camp with their grandparents, I moseyed on down to may favorite nail salon. I used to get acrylics on my fingernails until I discovered that they damage my nail beds. So now I go in for pedicures only. This time to change it up I got the color white over my entire toe nail beds.

While there, I saw my dentist’s receptionist! She’s bubbly and wonderful. I had no idea she came to that salon. I’m not surprised, though: It’s the most hygienic salon I’ve ever been to. Plastic over the foot bowls, gloves worn by all, brand new tools in unopened packages used on each guest . . . I’ll never be able to attend a less hygienic salon again, I don’t think. After chatting it up with the ladies there (complete strangers) — including a fellow naturalista with a bomb blond fro — I paid and made my way back home to my hubby for lunch.

Line Dancing Lessons Tonight

I will complete May’s social events with a line dancing lesson tonight with some of the women from the Meetup group. I’m so hype, you guys! I love (trying) to dance, and this will be a night of fun exercise, great music, and wonderful company. We’re still trying to coordinate what colors we will wear. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I recommended jeans and a white top, since people have started posting about not having this or that color. Just about everybody has jeans and a white top, jeans are comfortable, and the top could vary from a halter top, tube top, T shirt, etc. so that people with a flare for fashion won’t feel so plain. Style is much about the accessories, anyway! 🙂 I’ll upload photos of the event if I can.

How Is/Was Your Social Calendar for May 2018? Any Plans?

Have you had a good mix of social events this month? There are 10 or so days left, so it’s not too late to meetup with folks you like — to do stuff you like. Any plans? Please feel free to post in the comments. As always, thanks for visiting the blog and reading, and many blessings to you and yours!


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