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[Fun] If This Hair Journey Were a School, Would You Be a Student? Teacher? Other? And . . .

Greeings! :wavey: I hope this post finds you well! A while back someone on a hair forum created a thread entitled, “If This Hair Journey Were a School.”

She wrote:

What kind of degree would you have?
Would you be an A student, B student . . .
Would you be a teacher or a student?

The replies got creative, going beyond the questions asked. They were interesting and fun to read. 😀 Someone wrote that they were in Pre-K / Day Care. :lachen: Someone else said they were an ombudsman. :lol:  An ombudsman is “an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against maladministration, especially that of public authorities.” I guess a hair ombudsman is needed to address misinformation! LOL! So it’s like that? Oh, no! :lachen:(I believe it!)

I responded to the “If This Were a Hair Journey” prompt in the following way:

I’m the student who was used to attending a brick and mortar university (professional salons) but has transferred to a reputable online university (the hair forum + reputable bloggers and You Tubers).

So I’m adjusting. For instance, some semesters I enroll in too heavy a course load (i.e., try to learn/do too much). I often then compensate the subsequent semester and lighten my load (keep it simple/r).

I’ve completed several courses and really enjoy my e-instructors and e-classmates. They are generous, funny, fun, creative, and deeply knowledgeable. Most importantly, they are positive, inspiring, and encouraging.

My Current Transcript:

  • Natural Hair Handling 101
  • Hair Porosity: What Is It, Why Is It Important, and How Is It Diagnosed
  • Understanding the Proliferation of Product Types: When a Milk Is Not a Cream Which Is Not a Buttercream Nor a Ghee, Nor Creme, Nor Glaze, Nor Parfait, Nor Mousse, Nor Foam, Nor Clay, Nor Grease, Nor Pomade, Nor Oil, Nor Juice, Nor . . .
  • Intro to Moisture-Protein Balance
  • Product Junkyism: Etiology, Common Triggers, Diagnosis, and Popular Treatment Plans ( 😛 )
  • Basic Ingredients I
  • Basic Ingredients II
  • Appreciating the Product-Tool-Technique Interaction
  • Hair Typing: The Good, The Bad, The Better, and Whether It Matters
  • Learning from Ancient Hair Care: Ayurvedic Module I
  • Consumer Knowledge: How To Evaluate and Navigate the Ocean of Information and Ocean of Informants on Type 4 Hair Care, and How To Look Beyond Product Naming

It was informative and enjoyable to think through (and have a little fun with) explaining where I’m at on this journey. What about you? How would you respond? Are you a student, a teacher, in some other “role” or “position?” What are you looking forward to as you continue on in “Hair School?” Please comment below!

In my next hair related post, I plan to share how my hair has fared one week into being straightened, what I’ve concluded because of it and my salon visit, my resultant and drastically new regimen design, and the philosophy underlying the design.

I don’t know if I’ve EVER been this happy with and excited about my hair. Ever. 😀 It’s amazing to me that God gives us the capacity to find joy even in our hair. This makes me think of the concept behind Joyce Meyer’s television outreach ministry, “Enjoying Everyday Life.” I’m learning to enjoy the everyday things, like the everyday necessity of caring for my hair.

The more I learn to enjoy the everyday things, the more minutes and hours am I joyful each day.

(I mean, that’s the logical effect that must result, right?)  Moving from dreading and worrying about wash day to reveling in it and creating a beautiful, ritual of pampering and self-care from it has been transformative! From dread and worry to reveling! 😀 God is so good, I tell ya!

As always, thank you for stopping by the blog and reading. Many blessings to you and yours! 😀 Take care! ❤


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