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I Completed Wash & Style Day in 90 Minutes!!! [Reclaiming My Time, Reducing My Split Ends Mini Hair Challenge]


The “Reclaiming My Time, Reducing My Split Ends” Mini Hair Challenge officially started on June 15th. How are your regimen designs coming along?

I have EXCELLENT news! I did it! I started and completed wash day in 90 minutes!:thud:

I was shocked!

Here’s how I did it:

Products Used
  1. Starting on an old flexirod set, I sectioned my dry hair into 6 sections, using 6 Goody Ouchless Flex Mini Barrettes. These can be purchased from some Krogers, some WalMarts, Ebay, the Luv Naturals site, etc.
  2. In the shower with the barrettes still in, I shampooed my scalp and hair twice with The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Shampoo.
  3. In the shower, section by section I:
    1. removed the barrette,
    2. saturated my hair with Jane Carter Solutions Curls to Go! Untangle Me Weightless Leave-in and shower water,
    3. detangled the hair section from the bottom up using a Denman (D4) brush,
    4. rinsed the section to release shed hair, and
    5. twisted the section up to prevent re-tangling.
  4. Outside of the shower at the sink, section by section I:
    1. untwisted the twist;
    2. sprayed the twist with water so that it was soaking wet;
    3. applied Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey Leave-in Milk (a very thick cream, almost the consistency of a soft butter), using the praying hands and shingling methods; and
    4. applied Bronner Brothers Firm Hold Curling Gel, using the praying hands and shingling methods.
  5. I then dried my hair under a table-top, hard bonnet hair dryer.
  6. The next morning, I elongated my completely dried hair, section by section: I took a section, tugged it down via the ends, and while semi-taut I blow dried the section from root to tip to achieve stretch.

Steps 1-4 took me only 88 minutes! I could have stopped at Step 4 and simply air dried. Steps 5 & 6 were optional. Taking just 88 minutes for Steps 1-4 is a HUGE improvement, and I was floored! I have never been able to successfully detangle in the shower, because in the past it has just taken too long. This time I around, not only did I completely detangle my hair in the shower, but I also shampooed my hair twice and took a shower and STILL. HAD. WARM. WATER. LEFT!

And You?

How are you faring? Have you designed your concise wash day yet? Have you had the chance to try it out? Please feel free to post your comments or questions in the comment section.

As always, thanks for visiting the blog, and many blessings to you and yours! ❤


2 thoughts on “I Completed Wash & Style Day in 90 Minutes!!! [Reclaiming My Time, Reducing My Split Ends Mini Hair Challenge]”

  1. Superwoman. 😆 LOL! Four hours for your wash and style is excellent! Good deal! I believe that’s about where I’ll be when I do my usual deep conditioning. You’ve got me encouraged. 😀 Next wash and style day I’m going to deep condition and aim for no more than 3 hours total. I’ll see! Please keep me updated with your times! Blessings!


  2. This is so exciting haha, I read 90 minutes and instantly thought ‘Superwoman’. I just did a wash and style yesterday in a total of 4 hours, and that’s something I was proud of! Normally I deep condition for about 5 hours which explains the stretch but you’ve challenged me with 90 minutes girl! #Goal.

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