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46-minute Wash & Style Done! [Reclaiming My Time, Reducing My Split Ends Mini Hair Challenge]

Greetings, all! :wavey:

How are your “Reclaiming My Time, Reducing My Split Ends” regimen designs coming along?

Yesterday I used mostly new-to-me products to complete wash-and-style day in 46 minutes . . . including detangling! (I did not do any deep conditioning or protein treating, though.) Still: 46 minutes, y’all! :happydance: Rah, rah, rah!!!

Here’s what I did:


  1. Cleansed and very lightly finger detangled at the bathroom sink with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo. (I love how this shampoo holds my hair elongated so that when I lightly finger detangle with it, my strands stay untangled.)
  2. Fully detangled in the shower with DevaCurl Decadence One Condition, using a Denman brush (this took me only 24 minutes for my entire head!).
  3. Styled with Texture My Way Keep It Curly Stretch and Set Styling Foam. (This took me NO time to apply to my entire head, due to how easily foams apply.)
  4. Air dried and ultimately wore hair in a voluminous, low-hanging puff.

My Thoughts on This Product-Technique Interaction

The shampoo: That Shea Moisture shampoo is my new staple. I love it! It leaves my hair feeling very soft, hydrated, and moisturized. And it aids in detangling via holding my hair elongated. Winner all around.

Detangling: I’m so glad I gave the Denman brush another chance, as recommended by the stylist I saw at Her Growing Hands Salon. The Denman D4 works amazingly for me, whereas the Denman D3 that I’d previously tried did not. Detangling is a breeze with the D4, and if I am gentle, I have very, very little hair in the brush. Yeah, mon!!! 😀

Styling: I was expecting more out of the Texture My Way foam (it may work amazingly on your hair, though), based on the Amazon reviews. Way more. *sniffle*

The idea behind it is amazing: A foam the defines the hair, stretches it, and sets it?!?? What?????? I would pay top dollar for such a product because (1) foams apply so fast, (2) foams stretch my hair and I’d LOVE to capture that stretch, and (3) foams dry fast, and that would make for wash-day hair that dried before bed time so that I could sleep on it without ruining it. This all would be amazing. 😀

Anyhoo . . . The Texture My Way foam only defined the OUTSIDE layer of my hair, and not the “inside” or inner layers of my hair. I’m not sure why, as I took special care to distribute the product throughout my hair. Consequently, I ended up wearing my hair in a puff instead of down in a wash-and-go as I’d planned to, albeit a pretty puff. ;D

Next: Hairplay Set 3 Foam and Setting Lotion

I was so intrigued by the concept of being able to style my 3c/4a/4b hair with ONLY a foam that I did a little Googling to see if I could find a foam that would deliver on definition, stretch, and hold. In my search I came across a possibly promising product called Hairplay Set 3 Foam and Setting Lotion (see these Amazon reviews). Based on those reviews (man!), I ordered the 2 oz. sample directly from the salon. (There seem to be sporadic problems with product quality when ordering it from Amazon). Now, I won’t be shocked if the foam doesn’t deliver, but I will be ABSOLUTELY ELATED if this foam does deliver. I will keep you posted! 😀

Well, I hope this blog post finds you and yours well! Please let me know how things are faring for you, hair-wise or other.

Until next time!





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