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My (Planned) DIY Wash-and-Go “Elongator” Barrettes

So . . . before I figured out how to stretch my wash and go, I had decided to try to fashion my own DIY “elongators.”

CWK’s “elongtors” product

It seems like the company CWK that used to produce the “elongators” is no longer selling them. On the product page here and here, the product has been listed as “sold out” for months and months, if not a year or more. I’ve tried emailing, calling, texting (as they advise), and instagram-ming the company. I have gotten not one reply in over 6 months. In addition, there are many complaints about their customer service, including complaints of the company charging customers and never sending products and not returning customers’ money. Eek!

All of this led me to try to figure out a way to devise my own DIY “elongators.” I decided that I wanted to create my “elongators” to look like barrettes so that I could wash and go, i.e. wear my DIY “elongators” in public, undetected, while my hair was drying.

I’ve ordered the materials I think I can use to devise my DIY elongator barrettes. Some of the materials are coming from overseas, and so shipping will take awhile. Below are pictures of the barrettes, the weights I plan to adhere to the back of the barrettes, and the adhesive I plan to try.

KALIYOTO celluloid Tortoise Shell and Black Ponytail Holder Banana Hair Clip (4 Clips Black)


Once I get the barrettes made and then get a chance to trial them out, I’ll create a blog post to discuss whether they work or not. Should be interesting!!! 😀


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