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[Hair] Black Friday 2018 Haul: Shopping My Stash, NaturAll Club, Curl Origin, and Ebay

Greetings! I hope this post finds you well!

Keeping Any Purchasing under Control

Last post I discussed how I think and plan and write things down in order to guide any Black Friday hair-related purchasing I do. I explained that I do so in order to try to curb excessive, unnecessary spending . . . ’cause let’s be honest: The hair products we end up purchasing can ALL seem so vital and important, if not necessary. Keyword “seem.” Seeing products in hand and on paper has enabled me to chill out SUBSTANTIALLY with the purchasing, for lack of a better phrase. 😉

So What DID I End Up Purchasing?

(1) Ebay, (2) NaturAll Club, (3) Shopping My Own Stash, and (4) Curl Origin

A few days ago I had a serious hair setback. I’ll share details, photos, the fix, etc. in an upcoming post. For now I’ll just say this: That setback changed my WHOLE ENTIRE perspective, putting me in a tunnel-frame mindset to reexamine and tweak my regimen and then get items that would help me prevent such a setback in the future.

Here is what I ended up purchasing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday before and after the setback:

My Purchase from Ebay

From Ebay, I purchased a GoPlus standing hooded dryer for about $85, much less than the price of the high-end dryers I’d been eyeing. And guess what?!?? It came in EARLY! And I’ve already used it. And I love, love, LOVE it. 😀 ❤ With this new dryer, I dried the elongated bristout shown below. NOTE: I’ll define and discuss “bristout” in my upcoming post about the hair setback. *thumps up* 🙂

Bristout completely dry, awaiting separation and fluffing
Elongated bristout, completely dried under my new standing hooded dryer, for which I’m SO grateful 

My Purchase from NaturAll Club

From NaturAll Club I purchased the 3-pack that contains one of each kind of deep conditioner this company  makes. The YouTube demo reviews of these products all communicate the same thing: AH-MAZING.

I’ve had a lot of trouble finding deep conditioners that yield lasting moisture that is decent, much less awesome. So the number and repetitiveness of glowing reviews had me curious and I jumped and got the 3-pack. However, these products are pricey and come in just 2 oz. Two. As in the number after 1. LOL. 😛 It doesn’t look like it, but I have a lotttttttttt of hair. Two ounces isn’t much in my book and may not even be enough product for me (I’ll see). Thus, these products are likely not going to be repurchases for me, even if they are jaw-droppingly amazing. If they are incredible, I’ll just have to try to hack a DIY. 😀 YUP! 

Aside: TAKE A LOOK at the CEO’s message that came in the delivery box. Whaaaaaaaat?!???? YESSSSS! I love this. I NEED this. *nods head up and down, placing flat palm over chest while pursing my lips* Go, sister. 😀 ❤

Shopping My Own Stash

When I had that hair setback, I went to YouTube to get some ideas about how to tackle it. When I did, the YouTube video below by influencer WillOnAWhim popped into my feed. In the video he showcased the products that actually keep his hair moisturized, and he applied them to side-by-side sections of his hair to compare the products’ effects/results. One product he shared was brand new to me. It rendered his hair not only MOISTURIZED, NOT ONLY SEALED, but SHINY, TOO! I was like, “I want THAAAAAT effect.” Lol. 

When I went to look up the product to read about it, I realized that I had a similar product already in my stash . . . and an awesomely yummy-smelling ayurvedic version of it, to bat! I was so hype, you guys! That product is what I used to achieve the bristout above. All of this inspired me to further SHOP MY STASH!

I went to my stash and pulled out all sorts of goodies, placing them in my bathroom cabinet, moving out some of the products that were there. Photos below show the shiny moisturizing sealant I forgot I already owned, as well as other “I shopped my stash” products.

Sole product I used to achieve the above bristout
Sole product I used to achieve the above bristout. It’s like an ayurvedic, all-natural grease. It has a very tiny bit of hold, but not much. I was frankly more concerned about the moisture, sealing, and ends-care properties of this product at the time I reached for it.
Some of the items pictured above are some of the products I “obtained” after shopping my own stash.
WillOnAWhim’s YouTube video that inspired me to pick up my ayurvedic sealant product again

From Curl Origin at 45% Off 😀

Here’s what I got from Curl Origin.

That Double Moisture Overnight Mask has been on my radar for a long while now. I really like the concept, and I’m hoping it can be a tool for helping me bring mechanical damage on wash day to a grinding halt, or at least down to a severe minimum. 

I’ve also had my eye on that Twist & Twirl Defining Buttercream for a good while. The reviews are so compelling for me: Reviewers talk about a very good hold that they were glad softened over time. I am biiiiiigggg into hold, because it keeps my fine coils from tangling upon themselves and each other. The idea of moisture, definition, and significant-enough-about-which-to-be-concerned hold all in one twisting product?!?? Yessssss! 😀 Sign me up. 🙂

I debated for about an hour as to whether to get the Juicy Coils Twistout Butter. After all, I was already getting the Twist & Twirl product. In the end my brain told me that my hipo ends need moisture, moisture, moisture for protection and length retention and tangle prevention. So I looked at the ingredients list and in the end decided that the 45% discount — along with my hair setback issues — warranted its purchase.

For the same reason, I added the Triple Butter Moisturizing Curl Cream to the cart. These purchases make a lot of sense in light of the hair setback I had (details in an upcoming post), and the reviews below made me feel confident about giving this product a try. A slippery butter? Thumbs up! 😀

Here are the reviews of the Triple Butter Moisturizing Curl Cream that pulled me in:

And that’s it! I decided against the Curls Cashmere and Caviar stuff because it hit me: This stuff contains fish product, right? LOL! The other products I was eyeing are usurped by products I already had or the Curl Origin products that are on the way.

How about you? Did you make any purchases? If so, please do share. I’d love to read all about it. Some of these discounts are awesome, and there are so many great brands and lines and products and tools out there now. It’s good to learn of sales, find helpful products, and save money at the same time.


Yvette ❤


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