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[Hair Setback] The Reason, the Recovery, the BOMB BRIST OUT

So What Happened?!??

A few posts back, I blogged — no RAVED — about my results from having transformed a failed wash and go into a twist out. Well, as the days of my wearing the twist out wore on, my hair started to feel more and more dried out. It finally go to the point where my hair was so dry that I didn’t feel I could “safely” wear the twist out for one more day without likely incurring breakage.

So I decided to wash and style my hair. When I began the process of dividing my hair into 6 sections to prep for wash day, I found that my hair was so severely tangled, webbed, knotted, and DRY that I couldn’t proceed with sectioning it  without losing hair. I tried prepooing and then finger detangling . . . and the tangles and webs and knots were like, “WHATEVERRRR! TALK TO THE HAAAAAAND!”

So What Had Caused This Problem?

I know exactly why my hair dried out and tangled, webbed, and knotted so severely. It’s because I had formed my twist out from a failed wash and go that I’d created using a gel that can really dry my hair out if I’m not careful to apply a moisturizing leave-in beneath it. This is the Bronner Brothers Firm Hold Curling Gel, which I love for WASH AND GO’s because it freezes my fine hair in place so that it can hardly knot up or tangle. For TWIST OUT’s however, I ordinarily use a much more moisturizing product, such as The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24K gel.

What I Did To Recover

Because my hair was breaking extremely easily as I tried to section it to prep for cleansing, I realized I needed to take a different approach to detangling than usual. I opted to create a DIY cuticle-closing spritz to help me strands stop grabbing each other and instead slide past each other. The spritz consisted of 1 part COLD apple cider vinegar to 3 parts COLD aloe Vera juice, with about 30 drops of various essential oils to help mask the smell of the apple cider vinegar. (I added about 10 drops each of bergamot oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil.) NOTE: It was important that this DIY cuticle-closing detangler be COLD. COLD product helps to close/lower the hair’s cuticles, while WARM/HOT product helps to open/raise the hair’s cuticles. Raised cuticles are good when your goal is to introduce product within the hair shaft, but raised cuticles are BAD when you are detangling and trying to prevent the hair strands from catching onto and clinging to one another.

After spritzing my hair with the DIY AVJ-ACV-bergamot-peppermint-tea tree oil mixture, I applied Curl Junkie Repair Me! strengthening conditioner over it. My goal with that was to try to strengthen my strands a bit with something slippery, to try to stave off breakage as I detangled. I then located my Remington Electric Detangling Brush (looks more like a comb, I know) and detangled my hair, small section by small section. It took a VERY long time, but I detangled my entire head that way, with little breakage.

The New Brist Out Was Bomb, Bomb, Bomb!!!

Once my hair was detangled, I was able to proceed with wash day like normal. When it came time to install my style, I made two significant changes: (1) I went with a BRIST OUT instead of a twist out, and (2) I used an all-natural, ayurvedic hair “grease” (actually, a pomade) instead of a twisting gel or creme. A BRIST is a combination of a braid and a twist. So, either you start out BRAIDING a section of hair and then finish up with TWISTING the section, or vice versa — start out TWISTING the section then finish up BRAIDING the section. I decided to install BRISTS instead of TWISTS because if I braid my hair for about an inch before twisting the rest of the way down, then my hair does not unravel at the roots like it often does with regular twists. This yields a brist out that is defined from root to tip.

I don’t know WHAT possessed me to make those two changes — to install brists and to use that ayurvedic pomade — but the results were AH-MAZING! I don’t think I’ve EVER enjoyed my natural hair curly as much as I enjoyed that BRIST OUT.

Brist out using Jakeala Shiloh Hair Balm
Brist out using Jakeala Shiloh Hair Balm, after untwisting, but before separating and fluffing
Brist out using Jakeala Shiloh Hair Balm, after untwisting, but before fluffing

Brist out using Jakeala Shiloh Hair Balm

At first I was worried that the grease wouldn’t provide enough hold, and my hair style would fall apart after a day (or even before a day was up). I needn’t have worried at all! That pomade had my hair SUPER shiny and SUPER silky-feeling . . . and it also had a slight hold that enabled my brist out to last and last and last for days and days! Another MAJOR, MAJOR plus to using the pomade was that my ends were SUPER lubricated and just refused to tangle or knot up. It was beautiful you guys!!! BEAU-TI-FUL. When it came time to restyle and thus detangle, it was so easy a tear almost slipped out of my right eye. *sniffle* I kid you not!

The only negatives to using the pomade for the brist out were that my hair felt greasy the first 3 days or so and I got a little frizz. To try and remedy this, the next time I use the pomade for a twist out or brist out, I plan to use a smidgen of gel over it. I’m hoping that reduces the greasiness and frizz without compromising the other amazing benefits of the pomade.

Details about the Pomade I Used for the Brist Out

The pomade I used to install the much healthier, tangle-resistant, shiny, elongated, silky brist out is Jakeala’s (ayurvedic) Shiloh Hair Balm. It is available from Whenever I order it, I special request that it be scented in the peach scent (sooooooooo divine 😍 !!!!). Jakeala’s products are amazing ❤️. (FYI, shipping can take (quite) awhile.) I especially love her Amla Shea Hair Parfait. It’s a whipped and somehow almost-frothy shea butter. I get it in the peach scent as well, usually requesting that it be scented at about 70% of the strength that she normally would scent it, as I have a strong sense of smell. To learn more about the hair balm, please clink this link: 

Have You Had To Recover from a Hair Setback? How Did You Recover? 

Have you experienced a hair setback? What was the cause? How did you recover? Are you a fan of diluted apple cider vinegar for detangling and/or closing your hair’s cuticles? Also, when you have an EMERGENCY tangling situation, what’s your detangling process? Please share in the comments!

As always, thanks so much for visiting the blog.  🙂

Blessings to you and yours!



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