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Did I Meet My 2018 Hair Goals?



Earlier this year I created a thread at the hair forum to which I belonged. The thread was entitled “2018 Hair Goals.” In the thread-starting post, I posted the prompt “What are your hair-related goals for this upcoming year?” along with a list of different types of hair-related goals that folks might have.

Here are some hair-related goals that folks might have:

    • regimen design goals,
    • consistency goals,
    • product usage goals,
    • tool usage goals,
    • technique goals,
    • trimming schedule goals,
    • style mastery goals
    • GROWTH goals,
      • scalp massage frequency goals,
      • growth aid usage goals,
      • inversion method goals,
      • supplement-taking goals,
      • water intake goals,
      • nutritional eating goals,
      • exercise goals
    • RETENTION goals:
      • ends care goals,
      • protective styling goals
    • budgeting goals,
    • purchasing goals,
    • donation goals,
    • shop-your-own-stash goals,
    • (lowered/streamlined) stash size goals

The 2018 Hair Goals I Set

Back on December 26, 2017 I set the following hair-related goals and made the following observations:


  • I hope to go in for a professional trim once a quarter or once every 4 months.

Scalp massaging:

  • I am almost convinced that scalp massaging is what led to earlier hair growth spurts for me. I want to do vigorous scalp massages when washing (like my hair dresser who grew my hair out did). I also want to do scalp oil massages 3 times a week (about every other day) with the CurlyProverbz DIY Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil.


  • I want to try Chicoro’s activator + shea butter + no comb regimen to see how my ends, tangling, and moisture-levels respond.
  • I want to stick to one wash day a week (with a midweek cowash as/if needed). (Last year I was so busy trialing new products that I was doing full wash days quite often. Shouldn’t be an issue this year. I am in love with the products I’ve discovered.)
  • I want to pre-detangle and do other wise things from the wash day demo’d in the video linked at the end of this post below.
  • Eventually I want to get to the point where post-DC I’m applying just ONE product before twisting up my hair to air dry. I’d like to move all the time I spend layering products to time spent on an ends care regimen and on scalp massaging.
The wash day routine that contained some steps I had as 2018 wash day goals

Which 2018 Hair-related Goals Did I Meet?

GoalDid I Meet It?
Get a trim every 3 or 4 monthsYes.
Every 3-4 months I went to Her Growing Hands Salon and got a silk press and trim.
Scalp massagingHalfway.
I did give myself vigorous scalp massages during SHAMPOOING, but I did not adhere to the schedule of massaging my scalp with oil 3 times a week.
Trying Chicoro’s product application and detangling methodsYes, I tried it.
Neither worked for me. The activator beneath she butter was not great for styling for me. Regarding finger detangling, too much shed hair remained in my very dense, very fine head of hair. That led to knots and tangles. It also took a prohibitive amount of time. I just couldn’t swing it with bra strap length, very fine, very dense hair. 
Sticking to ONE wash day a week (instead of 3-4)I tried and failed (LOL), but I did get MUCH, MUCH better.
In fact, just these past few weeks I’ve achieved a twist out that lasts for just about an entire week. That’s incredible for me and translates to MUCH less hair handling . . . which translates to MUCH less mechanical damage (weakening, breakage, etc.).
Predetangling and other wise moves from the above wash day routine videoYES!!!
Between predetangling, washing in twists, and drying my hair in STRETCHED twists, that wash day routine has TRANSFORMED MY HAIR REGIMEN to A-level hair handling. I will update my wash day routine in a forthcoming post. I absolutely LOVE my wash day routine now. It’s great!!! It’s peaceful!!! ❤
Applying just one product post-washYes, but . . .
So, I tried this and had good results with 3 different products used separately: The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24K Gold gel, The Mane Choice Pearly Braid Out Glaze, and Jakeala Shiloh Hair Balm (from However, going forward I plan to cancel this goal because I want to apply a super healthy, cuticle-closing liquid spritz beneath my twisting or wash and go product.

What Were Your 2018 Hair-related Goals? Did You Meet Them?

So you know I’ve got to ask! 😀 Did you have 2018 hair goals, and if so, did you  meet them? In an upcoming post, I plan to set some hair-related goals for 2019. I’m SUPER excited, as for the first time since going natural, I feel like I’ve achieved a truly length-retaining, ends-babying regimen that is relatively EASY and results in fun, wearable, pretty hair. Yay!

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time,



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