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My Personal 2019 “Low Buy” Rules [Hair]


I’m preparing for my annual, end-of-the-year extended holiday. In doing so, I just put my hand on EVERY PRODUCT AND TOOL that I still have since I went natural in 2014. That’s everything purchased over about a 5-year span that I still have, and I hardly ever throw anything away.

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You guys! Even though I really limited my purchasing this year, and even though I donated to the women’s shelter a couple of times, it’s time for a Low Buy.

My Personal 2019 “Low Buy” Rules

  1. No purchasing of tools allowed. Exception: If need be, I will replace my Wet Brush or Denman brush or hair dryer.
  2. Purchases permitted . . . IF AND ONLY IF the product/item should run out:
    1. processing caps,
    2. clothy hair bands,
    3. hair pins,
    4. Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo,
    5. cowash,
    6. Green Beauty Real Protein,
    7. Nature’s Ego ACV Hair Rinse,
    8. Nature’s Ego Fermented Rice Water Leave-in,
    9. Curl Origin Triple Butter Moisturizing Curl Cream,
    10. The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24K Gold Gel,
    11. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Leave-in Milk,
    12. Bronner Brother’s Firm Hold Curling Gel,
    13. bentonite clay,
    14. honey and oils,
    15. one wig.
  3. Only allowed to purchase a “new-to-me” gel after having made 4 NEW attempted wash-and-go’s with currently owned gels.

For those wondering about the wig, sometimes if my twists are still drying, I wear a wig over them if I must go out in public. I want to permit myself to purchase a wig should I need to. It’s not a frivolous purchase. 🙂 My current one looks nice (I get compliments whenever I wear it), but it doesn’t quite fit. I make it work, but it’s uncomfortable. Replacing it with something just as pretty but comfortable would be good. 🙂

One Purchase I Might Make Before Commencing the Low Buy

There is one product that I’m considering purchasing before I commence the the low buy: This is the Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Curl Sculpting Custard. It gets great reviews as a ONE-PRODUCT wash and go styler (however, it’s okay to apply leave-in beneath it, too), it seems like it could weigh my hair down and provide good hold (I desire both of these), I like MOST of its ingredients, I don’t have anything like it, and it smells amazing. We’ll see. I’ll probably pick it up before we hit the road. 😉

The Rules Above Should Work for Me This Year!

So, I think those rules should do the trick! No tools, no rollers or anything similar, no deep conditioners (there are about 6 jars in the house purchased at extreme discount and they should last all year), no shampoo likely (my current bottle should last all year, I’m thinking), and no stylers unless I run out or unless I’ve recently made a lot of attempts with what I already have on hand. I can see myself needing to purchase cowash more frequently than anything else, as I tend to run through cowash more quickly than other products. Otherwise, I think (for perhaps the first time?) I’m not feeling moved to do the purchase-and-trial thing this year. Good deal!!! 🙂

I’m excited about keeping things simple, not spending needlessly, focusing more on method and technique and consistency, and keeping spaces decluttered! 😀

How about you? Will you be monitoring, reducing, and/or streamlining your hair-related purchasing this upcoming year? If so, how . . . and why? Please do share in the comments.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy holidays to you and yours! ❤

Many blessings!



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