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NOTE: Please enjoy the photo slide show at the end of this post.

Greetings! 😀 I hope this post finds you well! ❤

So it’s been about 5 months since I last posted. I can hardly believe that much time has passed! The reason for my absence is that I’ve been ON IT regarding each of the 4 personal challenges I’m documenting via this blog! YUP! 😀 In addition to the challenges of caring for a child on the spectrum, working, and being a wife, I’ve been forging ahead with the 4 challenges . . . and doing A LOT.

Every time I sat down to post an update here, I had so much to discuss that I had a hard time choosing where to start! LOL. Well, I decided that NO MATTER WHAT, today I would post SOMETHING to this blog, even if I didn’t have enough time to plan out a beautiful, well-organized post. 🙂

Since there’s a ton I could say, I decided to (try to) keep this initial post simple. Accordingly, this post will simply preview the full updates I’ll be providing in each of the 4 challenge areas in a series of posts soon to come.


  • I’ll post an update of my current measurements/status (inches, pounds, tone, etc.).
  • I found a UNIQUE WATER BOTTLE that has me getting my daily water IN!!! I’ll review it and provide a link.
  • I now eat plant-based meals for FIVE (5) days out of the week. I’ll explain why and how I’ve transitioned to such a diet and whether it’s improved my blood pressure or not.
  • I’ll share the best plant-based ingredients, items, recipes, and resources I’ve found so far, with abundant photos.
  • I’ll share the amazing, free exercise app I found.


  • I’ll discuss the WONDERFUL career and personal development accountability and support group I’ve joined. Love those women!!! ❤
  • I gained a new client by word of mouth and I’ll discuss how the business is faring overall.
  • I’ll discuss a new job opportunity that has manifested. (May 10th is my self-imposed application deadline.)


  • I’ll share photos and funny stories from the AMAZINGLY GOOD and REJUVENATING Christmas vacation hubby and I had. So fun. SO REJUVENATING. We really connected with my husband’s family and friends and had a great, great time. 😀
  • I’m a major planner girl (been using planners for decades), and in December or January of this year I found the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE PLANNER I’ve ever seen our used in 25+ years. I’ll share all about it. 😀
  • I’ll mention and share the links to a few life-changing blog posts I’ve read by other well-known authors. I’ve shared these posts on Facebook with SCORES of responses like “this is so good, thanks so much for sharing!” and so forth. Good stuff. 🙂
  • Hubby and I met a great couple. We’ve become wonderful friends, and I’ll share a little about that.
  • Lastly, I had a challenging spiritual situation, and 3 people from church (preacher included) just came THROUGH in the most amazing, super speedy, thorough way. I was so worried, they were so responsive, and I still shake my head about it in gratitude. I’ll share that story. 🙂


So, the hair challenge is the challenge that I tend to discuss most heavily at this blog, quite frankly because it’s the easiest challenge to which to default. By that I mean that if I for instance hit a wall career-wise, sometimes there’s not a lot I can do. However I can just about always pamper myself via hair care, almost without even thinking. Spiritual/soul work? That can take focused thinking and reflecting and work. But I can do hair processes almost from muscle memory. This results in more material for hair-related posts.

All that to say, for my hair update, I need to be selective because there is SOOOOOO much that I could share about the past 5 months of hair styling results, tool and product purchases, initial impressions of products, and so on and so on. I mean, I can easily think of 10 individual hair blog posts that I could create right now! 😛 LOL!

So, I’m going to share what I think can/might/could actually HELP readers with their hair and what I think is the most informative and educational and interesting. That content would include the following (at least 🙂 ):

  • I finally obtained a Felicia Leatherwood (detangling) brush, and LET ME TELL YOU IT IS EVERYTHING. It’s the ONLY tool I use now, and I have about a dozen of the other most touted detangling tools that exist.

I feel like I had better highlight this point:

I. Now. Only. Let. The. Felicia. Leatherwood. Brush. Touch. My. Strands. DASSIT. Yeah: It’s THAT good. 😀

  • FOR MAY – JULY 2019, I’m participating in YouTuber ALove4Me’s EXTREME HAIR GROWTH CHALLENGE. I’ll share the regimen I designed for it, as well as the product and tool list. Here is the link to her challenge if you’d like to join:
  • I’m pretty sure that for my next salon visit (planned for early May), I will be getting an Olaplex treatment and a SIGNIFICANT TRIM (if not a cut even), such that my hair is shaped for CURLY WEAR. Presently my hair is cut based on how it looks when straight. All of this is a major change, and I’ll share the deets behind this new choice.
  • I tried the Aphogee 2-step kit for the first time, several products from the Mielle Pomegranate and Honey line, and random other products here and there, and I’ll share my experiences, results, and reviews.
  • I’ve discovered a way to “SUPER DUPER” BOOST the performance of the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey masque on my hair. As a result, now that deep conditioner renders my hair SUPER DUPER hydrated and SUPER DUPER moisturized post-rinse. Don’t get me wrong: This DC was always good on my hair, but now? NOW?!?? JUST SCRUMPTIOUS. I’ll share photos and details in the upcoming hair update post. 🙂
  • I’ve been stretching my hair with waveformer sets and then styling on the stretched results. I found a Sally’s product that keeps my waveformer set from puffing up like several of the YouTubers’ waveformer sets did on camera, and WOW is all I’ll say right now about this addition to my regimen. I’ll share photos and details in the upcoming hair update post. 🙂
  • And more, including lots of photos. 😀

Below is a photo gallery capturing some of the above content. I hope you enjoyed this reintroductory post, and I hope you and yours are faring well.

Until next time!


Yvette ❤


  1. Welcome back! Been checking for new posts! Sis please post the hair update soon! I would like to know how you super duper boost your deep conditioner. My strands need the details! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Glad to be back. I wasn’t sure what my next post would be about, but once I saw your comment, I went ahead and wrote the post explaining how I super duper boosted my DC. Thank you for commenting! 😀 All I need to do is proofread the post and add a few images, so I should be able to post it by tonight if not this evening. Wishing THRIVING upon all of your strands! ❤ Yvette


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