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The Stylist’s Wash-and-Go versus My Wash-and-Go

For my last salon visit, the stylist asked me to detox my hair. Specifically, she wanted me to stop using oils and butters and unnatural gels and to wash my hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean. I was to do this for the few weeks leading up to my visit with her at the salon.

Once at the salon, the stylist transformed my hair from the look on the left to the look on the right. She used INNERSENSE shampoo and conditioner, lots and lots of water, and Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Curly Magic. I loved the results. My hair had great definition and a lot of swing. AND: I did not miss my STRAIGHT (relaxed or flat ironed) hair AT ALL.

At home, I can never get my hair as “de-poofed” or “de-volumized” as the stylist did. Below are two wash-and-go’s I attempted after the salon visit. My results below are okay, but I’ll be honest: If I could achieve the results my stylist achieves, I would be in loooooooooooove with my hair. I’m just not a big hair person.

I will keep practicing to see if I can approach the stylist’s results. In the meanwhile, I will remain grateful for the health of my body and hair and for the means to take care of my hair and invest in it.

Below I’ve included the following photos: (1) a side-by-side comparison of the stylist’s results and my results and (2) a list of the hair products I’m currently prioritizing.

Is there a drastic difference between the results you are able to achieve at home and the results you get at the salon? If so, have you made peace with that? Are you currently aiming to learn to replicate the stylist’s results? Have you decided to stop doing your hair at home and just go to the salon?

Please sound off in the comments! 🙂 As always, thank you so much for visiting the blog, and I wish you and yours well!

Happy hair caring!

Yvette ❤


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