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[Hair] 2019 Favorites: The 1 Best New Thing I Tried This Year

Did you gain any NEW-TO-YOU hair-related favorites this year? Any . . .

  • . . . favorite tools and accessories?
  • . . . favorite techniques?
  • . . . favorite products?
  • . . . favorite product COMBINATIONS?

Please share your 2019 favorites in the comments. I’d love to learn about them. 😀

The 1 Best New Hair-related Thing I Tried this Year

HANDS DOWN the BEST new hair-related thing I tried in 2019 is Curl Keeper’s Flexy Brush. My experience as a Type 4 natural is 876.42% EASIER and LESS STRESSFUL and MORE SATISFYING — because of that one purchase. I purchased mine from Amazon. I keep it clean using the purple hair brush cleaner pictured below (made by Wet Brush, purchased from Sally Beauty).

My Thoughts on the Curl Keeper Flexy Brush

Q1: What is my detangling time like with the Flexy Brush?

A1: About 15 minutes maximum in the shower for my entire head. I used to spend 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or more detangling at the sink on wash day, unable to get it done in the shower. Now it’s consistently 15 minutes, maximum. And I’m now able to do it in the shower. I AM SHOOKETH.

Q2: How much hair is left in the brush after use?

A2: An absolutely MINIMAL amount. Maybe 6 strands on average. The second video below shows how little hair is left in the brush when used properly. Praise Him! 😀

Q3: Is the Flexy Brush easy to use? Does it only detangle . . . only clump/define . . . or can it do both?

A3: It is SUPER easy to use. I can detangle LARGE sections at a time. For instance, I can detangle a THIRD of half my head all at once. Unheard of for me. And it is easy to hold the brush (please see the last video below). It is easy to insert the brush into a section of hair and then “un-insert” it . . . with no catching or snagging.

I am able to both detangle and define/clump my hair with this brush (please see the first and third vides below to view detangling and defining/clumping).

Q4: How easy is the Flexy Brush to clean?

A4: The brush is super easy to clean. I use a hair brush cleaner I purchased from Sally Beauty (the little purple item pictured near the start of this post) to get the brush clean in less than a minute.

Q5: Are the bristles durable? Are the bristles holding up with use and not bending?

A5: Yes! Halleloo! ❤

Watch Curl Keeper’s Flexy Brush in Action

I hope this post has been enjoyable and informative. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Until next post,

Yvette ❤


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