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Fitness Challenge Update in Photos

I hardly blog on the topic, but over the last year or so I’ve put in a LOT of work in the area of fitness and health. A lot.

Below is a photo-laden update on how I’m faring on the fitness challenge. Keeping in line with my goal to create posts that readers can relatively QUICKLY get into and out of — I won’t write tons and tons. Instead I will answer any questions posted in the comments.

CURRENTLY: Jacked on Plants!

As of today I’m about a week into doing the eating and exercise program “Jacked on Plants,” and I absolutely looooooooooove it. I cannot sing its praises enough.

I’m very dedicated to simply DAILY putting in the work. The main reason is that I feel that my goal of being lean and healthy is directly tied to God’s call on my life (see the project management page below).

In addition to that very strong motivation, the following 2 articles have me totally committed to doing the WORK of this goal:

  1. “6 Things you Must Organize to Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy” at
  2. “5 Crucial Questions to Get What You Really Want” at

Some of the “Jacked on Plants” Meals and Snacks

More “Jacked on Plants” Meals and Snacks, My Supplements, and Some of My Exercise Choices

Our Sunny Healthy and Fitness spin bike.
Please see the Kristina Girod spin bike workout video below. She’s AWESOME!


1) I began eating vegan 5 days a week after I was diagnosed as prehyperternsive and read the book “30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control.”

2) Eating vegan 5 days a week SOLVED my blood pressure issue. I was sooooooo elated. (Thank you, God! ❤ ) Unfortunately, I suffered from what’s known as “vegan bloat,” and I also unknowingly suffered from vitamin B12 deficiency. That is something you really don’t want to play with, and I had no idea.

3) I began taking a vitamin B12 spray. It worked. 🙂 I added back into my diet turkey and wild-caught, mercury-tested tuna and salmon. I felt TONS better. My blood pressure crept up just a bit and the “vegan bloat” began to subside a bit.

4) I began walking a mile a day on the treadmill. However, when the current Corona / COVID-19 pandemic hit and we were ordered to shelter-in-place, I could no longer go to the gym and walk on the treadmill.

5) As a result, we ordered a spin bike for the house. While waiting for the bike’s arrival, I accidentally stumbled upon the AH-MAZING Kristina Girod on YouTube. Her spin cycle workout videos are FREE and LIT!!! They have transformed my whole world. I looooooove exercising now. It is the most amazing blessing to be able to say that! It had been a lifelong desire to conquer the psychological battle against exercising, and now that’s just OVER. It’s honestly life-changing. 😀

Tips? Questions? Comments?

So that concludes my fitness update. Please feel more than welcome to share your tips, comments, and/or questions below.

As always, thank you so much for visiting the blog. I hope you and your loved ones have been able to prioritize your safety and health during the current CORONA / COVID-19 pandemic. I pray for your peace and wellness.

Until next time!

Yvette ❤


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