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My Revair Review and How I Trim and Blow Dry My Hair


I hope this post finds you and yours well. I was asked a few questions in response to my post before last, and below are my answers to those questions. Please let me know if you have further questions . . . or tips or suggestions. 😀 Blessings!

Question #1: What Is My Review of the Revair?

In short, I APPRECIATE and HIGHLY VALUE the Revair and would buy it again and again. I consider it a game changer because it allows me to blow dry my natural hair without brushing through my wet hair while I’m drying it. In other words, it allows me to take a section of detangled wet hair and just blow dry it — without worrying about it drying with (significant) tangles. That is AH-MAZING. After the section is dry, I gently brush through the section with my Behairful brush and it is 100% ready for flat ironing.

I do use a heat protectant on my hair before placing a section of it into the Revair. My heat protectant (see below) has the consistency of water. I do not worry about whether it is damaging the Revair or not: I won’t be blow drying my hair without it. What I can do is pay attention to whether my Revair starts acting up. If it does, I’ll contact Revair support and share what heat protectant I’ve been using with it and see if they feel that is the issue. So far zero problems. I also haven’t heard of anyone else having any Revair problems related to use of a heat protectant with it.

The Revair is bulky. And it is loud. I cannot use it when others are nearby (next room) and sleeping. I imagine that for future iterations of this tool, they will find a way to make it more compact and quieter. In the meanwhile, neither of these issues reduces the Revair’s ability to very easily and quickly blow dry my natural hair with minimal tension, minimal mechanical damage, and minimal tangles. AMAZING!!!

Aside: Is the Revair Worth the COST, Though?

For me, the Revair is expensive (eek!) but worth the cost. Because of the Revair, I don’t need to visit a stylist to get a silk press. In this way, my Revair was “paid for” after just a few NON-VISITS. On top of this, when I straighten and flat iron my hair, I wear it that way for 2-3 weeks. That’s a lot of product NOT USED during those weeks . . . and a lot of time saved NOT DOING MY HAIR (I spend only about 5-10 minutes a day on my hair when it’s straight).

Question #2: What Is My Blow Dry Method?

The Evening/Night Before I Plan to Blow Dry My Hair

I detangle my hair, twist it up into 6 sections, and then clarify my hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean to make way for a pending protein treatment to take full effect.

I do the 2-step Aphogee protein treatment (step 2 is application of a moisturizing conditioner).

I section my hair into 8 sections, getting them as even as possible. This is the number of sections that I will blow dry, section by section. I twist up each section and put all 8 twists in a ponytail under a bonnet.

The Next Day

Per section: I blow dry my hair using a light amount of Aveda Brilliant Damage Control heat protectant spray (recommended by Naptural85). To do this, I completely rewet the section of hair. I then spray 7 quick spritzes of the Aveda Brilliant into my palm, rub my palms together, squeeze my ends first, then work the product up the length of my hair. Using my Flexy Brush, I brush the product through to evenly distribute it. Then I blow dry the section using the Revair . . .

I follow CurlyGuy’s technique of blow drying, as shown in the YouTube video below. The oil that I very LIGHTLY apply before flat ironing is the Melanin Haircare Multi-use Pure Oil Blend.

Bonus: How Do I Trim My Own Hair (without Fear of Jacking Up My Hair)?

I trim my hair in twists via the method demonstrated in the video below. I trim MUCH, MUCH, MUCH less than she does per twist. The main reason? Well, all year long when I’m detangling my curly, kinky natural hair, I apply a very slippery detangling deep conditioner and water. I then finger detangle my ends and roots before detangling my hair with my Flexy Brush. Using this method, I put VERY LITTLE tension on my hair, I weather my ends VERY LITTLE, and I create very few split ends.

The effect of this is that when I do trim my hair, there is very, very little hair that is damaged and needs to be trimmed. It took me a very long time to achieve this. Before, I was weathering my ends just about as fast as my hair was growing. Now, because my ends aren’t weathered much, my twist outs look good, my hair tangles less, and my hair splits less. Yay for slippery conditioner, strategic finger detangling, and the Flexy Brush.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or tips.

As always, thank you for visiting this blog, and I wish you and yours well!

Until next time! ❤


11 thoughts on “My Revair Review and How I Trim and Blow Dry My Hair”

  1. Hi! As always, thanks for taking the time to respond. I’m looking to your upcoming post. Your product/tools/technique recommendations have been extremely helpful to me. I thank you! So does my hair! A new brush? New products? I’m excited to read (and eventually try them).

    I’ve tried the Protein Filler and actually like the ease of use. I may get a new bottle.

    In regard to Black Friday, I’m only replenishing on staples before they run out. This is minimal. I’ll be on the lookout for a sale on the blow dryer I want (GVP Ion Hot Brush from Sally Beauty). I am determined to use the products I have in my stash. I don’t need any deep conditioners or leave ins until 2022. Lol.

    Looking forward to the new post!

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  2. Hello! I’m sorry for my late response. Since the last message, I used the Dyson dryer. I blow dried with the sole purpose of stretching my hair to self-trim. I used the comb attachment (sold separately). My hair was DRY. When I tell you DRY I mean DRY. I cant say if it’s the products I used, the dryer, the comb attachment, the technique and/or user error. I previously blow dried my hair in June with a $25 dollar hair dryer and different products and got the same results. Both times, there was hair everywhere after I finished blow drying. I experience a lot breakage. I have no idea why. I’m going try another dryer. If I don’t get good results, I will purchase the Revair. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask about the Curl Keeper Flexy Brush. My hair is very tangle prone. I’ve come to realize that finger detangling first and using a wide tooth comb second still doesn’t get all of the tangled out or smooth my hair. I have to use another (fiber toothed) comb. Do you experience breakage with the Flexy brush? Also, does your hair retangle after you use the brush? Do you lose a lot of hair while detangling with the brush? Thank you!

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    1. Hi, Tay!

      Wow, thank you for the update about your blow drying attempt. I’m sorry your hair was so dry. I’ve had similar experiences trying to stretch my hair with blow dryers before. It is not fun AT ALL to see all of those tiny broken hairs on the sink. I hope your next attempt results in a better experience.

      Regarding the Flexy Brush: I get very, very little breakage with it (if any) because I do the following: (1) I apply detangler and gently finger detangle my hair before using the Flexy Brush. (2) I detangle my hair section by section with the Flexy Brush from the bottom up — meaning from my ends up to the roots of the each hair section. Doing these 2 things, I end up with VERY LITTLE hair in the brush. It’s astonishing. I feel like that is the reason I’m finally seeing length now: I’m actually retaining my hair and not breaking it off constantly.

      I have super tangly hair, too, so I can relate. My hair is VERY, VERY fine, and I have lots of strands. They are long enough to get really, really tangly. So far the best detangling product I’ve found to replace my beloved discontinued Shea Moisture hipo masque is the Camille Rose Naturals Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment. It sinks right into my hair just like the SM hipo masque did, makes my hair very slippery, and thus makes finger detangling a breeze for me. That’s another defense for me against breakage. I had gotten several jars for about $3.77 on clearance from Sally’s — just to try them out. If you decide to trial it, you might have luck finding it for a lesser price at one of those outlet type Sally’s.

      Please keep me updated regarding your blow drying. It make take a second, but you’ll find the tools-product-method combo that works!


      1. Hi! Thank you so much for responding! I will keep you updated on my blow drying products/tools as I continue my quest to find what works. I bought the Curl Keeper Flexy Brush. I plan on using it on my upcoming wash day. I have some questions for you, if you don’t mind. Since you detangle your hair as the first step on wash day, does it re-tangle again? Do you need to go back in and use the brush after the initial use? My hair is so tangle prone that it re-tangles even after fully detangling, so I (finger) detangle during every step on wash day. Yes, every step. For Would you say that since you I started using the brush your tangles have reduced? As always, thanks for taking the time to respond.


        1. You bought the Flexy Brush! Yay! Do let me know how it fares for you. I really, really hope it helps your detangling process as much (or more than) it has mine. Dealing with super tangly hair is no joke! LOL.

          My hair retangles as well. Like instantly. This used to have me feeling SUPER dismayed. I have found a couple of solutions:

          Solution #1: After I shampoo my hair, if I brush a super slippery product through my hair, it re-detangles it, and then it keeps it pretty detangled — especially if I twist up each section right after I re-detangle it.

          So far the very best slippery leave-in conditioner I’ve found for this purpose is the Curl Origin Honey & Hibiscus Leave-in Whipped Cream. I’ve only just recently discovered it. It is the slipperiest product I’ve ever used. It makes my strands just slide right past one another. If you want, you can email me at to share a P.O. Box number or address, and I will order a bottle and have Curl Origin send it to you. That’s how much faith I have in that product. I think it will change the game for you.

          Solution #2: I let step #1 of wash day be me detangling my hair section by section — usually with a very slippery deep conditioner — twisting each section up as I finish detangling it. Then I keep my hair in twists and wash it twisted up. That tactic reduces the retangling, but I notice that my hair does not get quite as clean when I wash my hair that way.

          Solution #3: Solution #3 is similar to Solution #2. I detangle with a slippery deep conditioner as step #1 of wash day, twisting up each section after I detangle it. Then I wash my hair one section at a time, being sure to let the shower water aid in keeping my hair stretched as I shampoo the section, and being sure to twist up the section right after I’ve shampooed it. I repeat that for all sections. At my current length, I have 3 twists on each side of my head.

          Solution #4: Knowing that my hair is going to retangle, I just accept it and resign myself to re-detangling as I apply my styler. This results in my detangling my hair just TWICE per wash day. Like you, I could detangle at every step — that’s how tangle-prone my hair is. I try not to do that, because I use a tool to detangle. If I were finger detangling, I probably wouldn’t worry about whether I was detangling at every step or not. It’s not that I think the Flexy Brush is a damaging tool, it’s that I think ANY tool puts SOME tension on the hair, and I only want to detangle my hair a maximum of two times per wash day.

          Sometimes I combine 2 of the solutions. I hope all of that made sense. Of course, feel free to ask for clarification if needed. 🙂

          I am excited to hear your thoughts about the Flexy Brush. Regarding your question about whether my tangles have REDUCED since using the Flexy Brush, I don’t think the Flexy Brush is the cause of my reduced tangles: I think wearing STRETCHED wash-and-go’s and STRETCHED twist-out’s has reduced my tangles. I also think that using that Curl Origin leave-in has reduced my tangles. I think that not letting too much time pass between wash days has reduced my tangles. Finally, not sleeping with my hair LOOSE has reduced my tangles. I’d rather pineapple my hair and deal with any demarcations that makes than to sleep on my hair loose: It’s just too tangle-prone for that.

          I hope this comment helps! Blessings! ❤


          1. Hi! Since the last message I received and used the Flexy brush five times. I use it after I apply my leave in and moisturizer. Since my hair is tangle prone, I finger detangle and then use the brush. I braid my hair immediately after (four braids—two on each side). I like the brush. Although I see hair in the brush (I’m still trying to solve my shedding issue), there is little to no breakage. I’ve only seen like one wisp of broken hair. I think this is due to my hair being tangle prone and everyday manipulation. I think I get the shedding issue resolved, the. I will see less hair in the brush. I don’t think it’s pulling my hair. Thank you for the offer to send the curl origin leave in. You’re so sweet. Products from Curl Origin, Shescentit, and their sister companies all make my scalp burn. So, I can’t use them. Thank you for the offer. I appreciate it!

            Thank you for detailing all the steps you take in detangling. It’s very helpful. I take my time with using the brush and I only use it one time on wash day.

            Do you prefer the Uncle Funky’s deep conditioner over your Shea Moisture Manuka deep conditioner?

            Are you buying hair care products on Black Friday?

            Thank you!

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          2. Hi, Tay! Yayyyyyyyyy! I’m so, so, so glad that the Flexy Brush has been pretty effective for you and seems to result in little to no BREAKAGE. Yes!!! And, it’s normal to have SOME hair in the brush: Our head sheds many strands per day, and it is good to remove the shed hair from your hair so that shed hairs aren’t hanging around to tangle up with the hair that is still attached to your head. (I hope that makes sense.)

            And you’re more than welcome for the offer for the product. I’m glad you know that you need to avoid Curl Origin for your scalp’s sake. And, oh, good: I’m glad the details about my detangling process had some value. 🙂 Cool!

            If I had to choose between the Uncle Funky’s deep conditioner (DC) and the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Dc, I would choose the Uncle Funky’s DC because it is a balancing DC (meaning it contains both protein-infusing ingredients AND moisture-infusing ingredients). Also, the Uncle Funky’s DC is awesome for detangling. Super awesome. Third, the Uncle Funky’s DC only takes 5-10 minutes to work fully. This means I can apply it in the shower, don a plastic cap, rinse it at the end of my shower, and be done with DCing. In contrast, with the Shea Moisture masque, I really feel the need to sit under the steamer or dryer to get the full, moisture-infusing benefits of it. THAT ALL SAID: The SM manuka honey masque is WAY MORE MOISTURE-INFUSING on my hair than is the Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s DC. AND another good thing about the SM manuka honey masque: If you add some Colorful Protein Neutral Filler (costs about $3.00 from Sally Beauty) to the SM manuka honey masque, that turns it into a balancing deep conditioner. (Aside: I know of several naturals who use the Colorful Neutral Protein Filler alone as their protein treatment.) Here is a link to that product, where you can read reviews about it:

            I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Regarding BLACK FRIDAY: I’ve been trying to get around to creating a brief post about it. I really, really hope to do so by Wednesday of next week. In that post I plan to share a couple of tweaks to my regimen, photos of the last 6 or 7 products I’ve purchased and a brief comment about each, photos of a brush I purchased that is AWESOME and a comparison of it with the Flexy Brush, some photos of my hair recently, and my Black Friday wish list.

            Do you have a Black Friday wish list? If so, what’s on it? As always, it’s good “talking” with you. Blessings, and again, I’m so glad to hear good news about the Flexy Brush’s performance on your hair. AWESOME! 😀


  3. Hello, I left a long message thanking you for writing this detailed post. I don’t know what happened but I don’t see it here as a comment. I didn’t want it to seem like I never saw this post. I really appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions. I’m tempted to get the RevAir now. So many people rave about the dryer and the results are great (including yours). Thank you again!


    1. Hi, Tay! I’m not sure why, but for some reason WordPress didn’t approve your earlier comment and I missed it. It did let your more recent comment through, though. My apologies. It must be something about the way I have the settings. I will go back and read your earlier post. Thank you so much for it. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond through this detailed post. Now I want the Revair! I asked them if a compact version will be available anytime soon and they said no. I think I can overlook the size and noise because it will be for about 30 minutes. The results will be worth it for sure! Sis your post has me thinking really hard about what I should do! I haven’t used the Dyson and I’m leaning toward the Revair. Knowing myself, I may end up owning both. Lol!

    I’ve been binge reading almost all your posts…it seems our hair characteristics are very similar. The SM Manuka masque turned my dry hair around! I also use the high porosity masque (it’s been discontinued). The Manuka milk is a staple too! Now I want to try the Innersense hair bath so bad…and the curl keeper flexy brush. Does the Innersense hair bath cause your hair to tangle? Or make it hard (since there are two proteins in the ingredients)? Do you still detangle before shampoo? If no, at what stage do you detangle? Does the flexy brush smooth your hair and keep it from detangling? Thank you.

    P.S. Sorry for all the questions. Your blog is so informative and has helped me tremendously! Thank you!


    1. Hi, Tay.

      I’m so sorry about the late reply! I’m just now seeing your comment.

      So . . . Ha! I totally relate to your conundrum, and so I’m just planning on owning both the Dyson and the Revair. (Shaking my head. Lol.) Once I reach a major goal I’ve set in some area of my life and thus have “earned” buying the Dyson for myself, I’m going to purchase it to see if I like my wash-and-go’s when dried with the Dyson. If so, I’ll keep it. If not, I’m going to return it. I doubt very seriously that the Dyson will surpass the Revair in terms of healthily stretching my hair in preparation for a flat iron.

      Regarding the Innersense Hair Bath: It does NOT help with detangling at all. My hair does indeed feel a little strengthened after I use it. It feels more hydrated yet more tangle-prone after I use the Innersense Hair Bath. That’s why I work in twists (please see my notes below).
      I still detangle before I shampoo: I’ve tried all sorts of different orders of detangling and shampooing, and I’ve come to the conclusion that since my hair is VERY fine yet is dense and cottony, it is better if I refrain from applying any type of shampoo until I’ve detangled my hair. I would never want to wash my hair with the Innersense Hair Bath FIRST and then try to detangle it afterwards. I imagine that would be disastrous for my strands.

      So, I currently detangle as step one in my wash day process, and I don’t see experimenting with that anymore (fingers crossed). I apply a super slipper deep conditioner (I can’t believe they are discontinuing the SM hipo masque — boo!), get it really slippery by adding water as needed, lightly/gently finger detangle my roots and ends, and then go in with the Curl Keeper Flexy Brush. I end up with 6 or 8 deep conditioner-laden twists. Next, in the shower, I apply shampoo on top of it all even before rinsing out the deep conditioner. I get it sudsy. I rinse it all out. If I feel I need to do another application of shampoo, I do. At this point, my hair is subject to tangling. I typically try to apply my leave-in in the shower, using the squish-to-condish method and flashing each section under the shower water after I’ve applied and distributed the leave-in to the section. If I feel the need, I run the Flexy Brush through each section of leave-in -laden hair before twisting it up. I exit the shower with 6 or 8 twists that are detangled and moisturized with leave-in. I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if something sounds unclear.

      Woooo, I’m so glad that the SM Manuka masque turned your hair around! It gives me a silly amount of joy to hear that, LOL. And thank you so very much for letting me know that you’ve gotten something out of this blog. It makes having blogged worth it. 😀 I’m so glad the blog is informative. ❤
      I’m glad I saw this comment. Please let me know if you have additional questions. I don’t mind at all. Blessings, Tay!


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