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It’s Finally Happened: I Have Found My Perfect 4a/b Wash-and-Style Products and Method!

Greetings, all!

I hope this post finds you well.

I don’t post much as I have been very focused on coursework, career change activities, health and fitness, and caring for our little ones. I wanted to create a post today, however, because it’s finally happened: I have found as perfect a wash day as I’m likely to ever get. (I know, right?!?? Yay!!!!!) And it just didn’t feel right leaving this information off of this blog. Without further ado . . . below are my perfect wash-and-style products and method.

The style: A twist out OR a wash-and-go. Either one will work. I usually do the wash-and-go because it’s faster.

The Products and Tools

  • Prepoo detangler: Nature’s Little Secret’s Fenugreek Detangling Pre Poo
  • Detangling tool: fingers, then the Curl Keeper Flexy Brush
  • Cleanser: Nature’s Little Secret’s Cucumber Nourishing Shampoo
  • Deep conditioner: Nature’s Little Secret’s Mixed Fruit Nutrient Rich Deep Conditioner (beneath a plastic cap)
  • Curl definer and elongator: The Doux BeeGirl CrazySexyCurl Honey Setting Foam
  • Gel: Ecoslay Jello Shot
  • Stretching-while-drying tool: ionic hand-held blow dryer
  • (Overnight) style preservation tool: buff (i.e., a hair sock)

The Method

  1. Section by section: Apply prepoo to hair’s ends. Apply a little water to hair’s ends. Apply a little more prepoo, if need be. Allow prepoo to settle into the hair for a minute or two. Finger detangle the hair’s ends. Repeat these steps for the rest of the hair shaft. Finally, use the Flexy Brush to detangle the hair from the ends up the roots. Loosely twist up the hair section. Repeat for all hair sections until all of the hair is detangled.
  2. Cleanse hair with the shampoo and apply deep conditioner: This particular method isn’t necessary, but I usually cleanse section by section to prevent retangling:
    1. Untwist a section,
    2. apply shampoo,
    3. rinse out the shampoo,
    4. apply deep conditioner, and then
    5. twist the section back up.
    6. Once all sections contain deep conditioner, place a plastic cap over head and allow hair to deep condition while in the shower or what have you.
    7. Rinse out (most of) the deep conditioner while hair is in twists.
  3. Section by section: Apply The Doux foam. Do any slight finger detangling that might be necessary. If desired, install a twist (for a twist out). Repeat until all hair contains foam.
  4. Allow hair to dry 85-100%. (Sometimes I even wear my hair with just the foam in it for a day or 2 before moving on to the steps below.)
  5. Section by section: Apply Ecoslay Jello Shot gel over each “wash-and-go’d” section or over each UNTWISTED twist. (NOTE: This gel can feel sticky until it’s 100% dry. Then the sticky feeling is completely gone (at least for my hair)).
  6. Place the hair the way you like it to fall. I have FIIIIIINALLY FIGURED OUT: I need to move a LOT of my hair from the sides of my head to falling to the back . . . towards my back. When I leave LESS HAIR to fall to the SIDES of my head, my dried wash-and-go looks sleeker and less bulky the way I like. Instead of making my face look round, more of my hair has dried falling to the back and I look “like myself” (like what I’m used to and how I feel beautiful). THIS IS A MISSING WASH-AND-STYLE SKILL I NEVER REALIZED I WAS MISSING.
  7. Section by section: Blow dry the hair with a handheld blow dryer, stretching the hair section at the roots while blow drying.
  8. To preserve the style when lying down, wear a hair buff/sock.
  9. In the morning, for any bent or crinkly sections at the front, apply a bit of water to reactivate the product on that piece of hair. Elongate and reshape the piece of hair. Go on about the day, allowing the piece to air dry.

I can get 7+ days of wear out of this, even with working out. When it is next time to wash and style, detangling is a BREEZE. This is because my hair has been FROZEN in an elongated state and my ends have thus not been able to get knots.

I had stopped prepooing . . . but THIS PREPOO?!?? I’m telling you: The hype is real. I’ve never lost so little hair on wash day . . . EVER. And it DEFINES my hair to set me up for an amazing wash and go.

THIS. WASH. AND. STYLE. HOUR. . . . It’s EVERYTHING. 🥰 My hair feels SOOOOOOOOO good . . . at every step. It’s soooooooo easy. It’s so quick. It preserves my hair. I love the look.

I’ve been using the foam and gel for MONTHS with awesome results. I just added the Nature’s Little Secret products . . . and that’s a wrap. It’s kind of . . . anticlimactic, to be honest with you. LOL. Now I don’t have any more “hair product hunting” and “hair learning/practicing” to do. I don’t really desire to play around with other products and techniques, so wash day has become really . . . . matter-of-fact and routine.

Oh, well. I will NOT COMPLAIN. 😀 I’m grateful, grateful, grateful: I like my hair that grows out of my head . . . I can handle it on my own without paying tons to a stylist . . . and every product I love is available to me (and is black-owned, to boot!).

Deep exhale.

As always, thank you for visiting this blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. in the comments section below.




3 thoughts on “It’s Finally Happened: I Have Found My Perfect 4a/b Wash-and-Style Products and Method!”

  1. 7 Days? That’s a major win to make it all the way from wash to wash without any repercussions, lol. I’ve been wanting to try that Bee Girl foam (and the custard). You have convinced to go ahead and add to cart. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, lady! Always so good to hear from you. True: There’ll always be more I can learn about natural hair, and even my own hair in particular. You’re so right. Oooo: I forget about allergies. So glad they have coconut oil -free products.

      Please let me know if you get a chance to try the prepoo. I think you will LOVE it. The owner knows what she’s doing: That prepoo is INCREDIBLE as a detangler. I can’t believe I’m back to prepooing. Only the amazing result of being able to detangle with such, such ease and such mitigated hair damage could induce me to add a whole step back into my wash and style routine. I’m excited about what this could mean for my hair health and retention of thickness, with time.

      Lastly, here are a few worship songs that I think might bless you. They’ve been blessing me. 🙂 Much love, lady. ❤️



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