[The 5-Year Challenge] Measuring Progress

Progress at the hair challenge is . . .
1. Preventing tangling and knots as much as possible
2. Protective styling at night
3. Preventing breakage: doing protein treatments on a wise schedule, keeping the hair hydrated and moisturized, etc.
4. Keeping my ends healthy, protected, and moisturized

Progress at the fitness challenge is . . .
1. Eating approved foods on schedule
2. Exercising according to schedule, 6 days a week
3. Increasing my flexibility
4. Losing 1-3 pounds/week until 115-125 pounds is reached
5. Prepping food and snacks at night and packing them

Progress soul/spirit -wise is . . .
1. Wisely trusting
2. Maintaining a good, healthy, wise, joyful, hopeful, and peaceful thought-life
3. Loving God, self, and others: Attending to my relationships with appropriate boundaries, communication, and love
4. Enjoying and loving this blessing of life that God has given me
5. Praying the full Serenity Prayer each day and endeavoring to live it out
6. Reading/studying appropriate materials
7. Watching/hearing appropriate materials
8. Requiring others to respect my endeavor to enjoy complaint-free living

Progress career-wise is . . .
1. Daily doing, in each given moment, the most wise thing(s) I can do to make transitioning to my new career field possible
2. Working peacefully in my current career while I am clearly doing what will result in my entering a new career field
3. Understanding that I can make this late change and that it is okay for me to make this late change
4. Operating with faith, patience, peace, enjoyment of the journey and process, and with grit
5. Constantly anticipating and looking forward to the vast, vast, VAST benefits of accomplishing the career change