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Proposed Daily Schedule

Once I wrote down a daily schedule designed to result in my succeeding at the challenge, it all seemed a TON less daunting. It seems more like a list of tiny tweaks to attend to daily versus huge giant goals that I don't have time for in a packed schedule. Here's my initial stab at… Continue reading Proposed Daily Schedule

Introductory post(s)

Books I’m Using for the Journey

Pictured below are some of the books I'll start out using for support for the challenges. Fitness and Health   Soul/Spirit Some of the most helpful books I've read in the past include the following: Failing Forward by John Maxwell Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves… Continue reading Books I’m Using for the Journey

Introductory post(s)

Official Start Is November 1, 2016, and I’m Ready!

I officially start my personal 5-year challenge on November 1, 2016! I'm ready! In preparation, I have done the following: Committed deeply to the challenge, informed loved ones, and prayed; Created this blog to document, stay on track, etc.; Begun a detox using Essence of Vitality (I feel GREAT!); Recorded my initial body measurements and… Continue reading Official Start Is November 1, 2016, and I’m Ready!