[Report] Day 2: Nighttime Prep, Exercise, and Hair

Nighttime Preparation Nighttime preparation fared much better sans the trick-or-treaters, of course. Also, hair-wise it was a "Night B." NOTE: For my hair care regimen, I alternate between tasks done on Night A and tasks done on Night B. On Night B's, all I do to my hair is place a clothy Ouchless band on… Continue reading [Report] Day 2: Nighttime Prep, Exercise, and Hair

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Proposed Daily Schedule

Once I wrote down a daily schedule designed to result in my succeeding at the challenge, it all seemed a TON less daunting. It seems more like a list of tiny tweaks to attend to daily versus huge giant goals that I don't have time for in a packed schedule. Here's my initial stab at… Continue reading Proposed Daily Schedule