My Personal Fitness Challenge

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My Food Shopping List

Detox and such: Essence of Vitality; Smooth Move Vitamins, minerals, and supplements: Iron pills, maca root powder, calcium pills, vitamin D, multivitamin Sweeteners: Stevia, honey, 100% maple syrup Seasoning, condiments, and such: Mustard, salsa, low-fat mayonnaise, 100% pure maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sea salt For making drinks: sugar-free apple cider (for helping body’s uptake… Continue reading My Food Shopping List

My Monthly Menu

I am in the process of writing up a Monthly Menu. Meals will consist of a blend of Abs Diet meals and The Paleo Plan meals. The Monthly Menu will factor in the information below. The planned eating schedule: 7:00 AM: Drink (water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper drink) Breakfast… Continue reading My Monthly Menu

Daily Eating Schedule

4:00 AM Awaken and pray 4:15 AM Exercise (MWF = strength training + abs; TuThSa = cardio; Su = Rest) 5:00 AM Shower, do hair, get dressed 6:30 AM Drive one child to school On the way, drink ACV, lemon juice,  cinnamon, and cayenne pepper drink 7:00 AM Eat breakfast (e.g., grits and cheese and… Continue reading Daily Eating Schedule

My Exercise Equipment

Mainly for cardio (TuThSa): jump rope, jump rope DVD, exercise bike, running/jogging shoes, Just Dance game (Xbox with the kids!), Zumba YouTube videos Mainly for strength training and abs work (MWF): dumbbells, The Bean Exerciser, The Bean DVD For both cardio and strength training: The Abs Diet exercise video, kettlebells, kettlebell DVDs and YouTube videos,… Continue reading My Exercise Equipment

My Weekly Exercise Schedule

Sunday: rest Monday: strength training and abs workout (examples: The Bean Workout, kettlebell workout, etc.) Tuesday: cardiovascular workout (examples: Xbox dance game, jump roping, cycling, jogging/running, etc.) Wednesday: strength training and abs workout Thursday: cardiovascular workout Friday: strength training and abs workout Saturday: fun / recreational exercise (volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, swimming, bowling, hiking, etc.)